“Sustainable Ocean Summit” reduced registration rates end September 9th

Why participate in SOS 2015?

The rich and comprehensive SOS 2015 conference program convenes the global ocean business community around issues of material importance to the future of ocean use in unique ways, for example…

  • Ocean + 50

For the first time in one setting, you will hear projections for major ocean industries over the coming 50 years - ocean use trends, locations, opportunities, risks, and constraints - with focus on the next 15 years, the time frame of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Ocean Executive Forum

You will be able to engage with an unprecedented gathering of CEOs from a range of ocean industries who will discuss the future of ocean industry activities and what this means for the ocean business community and the ocean itself.

  • Investment and Innovation for Ocean Sustainable Development

Also for the first time, you will be able to participate in a gathering of investors and innovation initiatives who are accelerating solutions to ocean sustainable development through investment, innovation, partnerships and economies of scale.

  • Ocean Policy and Governance

You will receive an insiders briefing on the new U.N. Law of the Sea’s binding agreement to regulate use of high seas and the new U.N. Sustainable Development Goals - provided by WOC, the only multi-sectoral ocean business organization to be consistently participating in, monitoring and reporting on UNCLOS and the SDGs.

  • Sea Level Rise/Extreme Events and Ports

You can help advance development of ocean business community efforts to ensure that ports and coastal infrastructure around the world will be able to adapt and remain resilient to sea level rise and extreme events - a core business challenge for the coming decades.

  • Shipping, Sustainability and Synergies

You will be able to participate in the first global, multi-sectoral discussion about the needs and opportunities for harmonization, coordination or even potential merging of sustainable/green shipping initiatives in order to improve their value, efficiency and effectiveness for industry in achieving sustainability goals.

  • Big Ocean Data

With the growing importance of marine data collection, management, analysis and mapping, you will be able to help define the kinds of data, analysis, mapping and outputs you need to solve your ocean sustainability challenges.

  • Ocean Acidification

For the first time in a global multi-industry ocean event, you will be briefed by experts on ocean acidification on what it is doing to the ocean, what is being done about it, impacts on the ocean business community - and what steps could be taken by ocean industries.

Additional SOS 2015 sessions will tackle other cross-cutting ocean sustainable development issues, including: biofouling/invasive species, coral reefs, marine biodiversity, marine planning, seabed mining, the Arctic, marine debris, marine sound, Smart Ocean-Smart Industries (data collection by industry).

A limited number of SOS 2015 sponsorship opportunities are available for companies and organizations wishing to support industry efforts in leadership and collaboration to achieve ocean sustainable development. Click here for sponsorship information.

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