Surfactants summit to analyze technology, trends, market growth & opportunities

The 12th Asia Surfactants, Personal & Home Care Markets in Shanghai will be a round-up of industry experts, spotlighting the latest developments in personal care and home care market, trends, new technology developments, sustainable products, applications and more.

China has proven to be a fast-growing personal care market, being the second largest in Asia Pacific, following Japan, and the third largest globally. Many major industry players including P&G, L’Oreal and Unilever are strengthening their presence in Asia, to capitalize on and operate close to the escalating markets. On 04-05 September 2012 in Shanghai, industry leaders and the key decision makers will convene at the 12th Asia Surfactants Personal & Home Care Markets, zooming in on development, challenges, and the main market drivers in China, India, Indonesia and Korea. Various sessions will also highlight topics relevant to the pursuit of technology developments and breakthroughs in the surfactants industry, as well as explore new applications in the personal care, home and fabric care sector.

With ‘green’ products becoming increasingly significant among consumers, relevant authorities at the event will analyze the prospects of bio-surfactants and other sustainable options in the personal and home care markets in their presentations, namely, ‘Prospects of Bio-PG and its applications in Personal Care Market’, ‘Bio-based EO – Emerging and Sustainable Option for the Surfactant Industry’, ‘High Performance and Green Solutions in Home Care & Laundry Applications’, ‘No Compromise® Sustainable Home & Personal Care Product from Sugar’, and more.

Themed ‘Surfactants Market: Asia Taking the Lion’s Share!’, the conference will cover cutting-edge topics such as ‘MES: Technological & Market Updates’, ‘Managing Feedstock Volatility in the Surfactant Supply Chain: Strategies for Oleochemicals & Petrochemical Feedstock’, ‘Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate (LAS) Market Development’ and ‘REWOPOL® SB C 55: Superior mild and Sulfate-free Surfactant for Personal Care Products.’

Major industry players sharing their expertise include Desmet Ballestra SpA, Beroe Inc, Shell Eastern Chemicals, Nice Group, The National Detergent Co., Evonik Degussa Specialty Chemicals, Global Biochem Technology, Martha Tilaar Group, India Glycols Limited, Akzo Nobel, Amyris, LG Household & Health Care, and many more.

The 1.5 day conference will bring together key players from across the surfactants supply chain, to review emerging opportunities in the personal and home care sectors. Additional details of the conference are available on the Event Website.

For further information on the event or registration, contact Ms. Grace ( at Tel: 65 6346 9147

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