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Step-change in concrete GHG reductions

start2see has completed a life cycle study for Aurora Construction Materials (ACM) in Melbourne, comparing the greenhouse gas emissions from E-Crete - a geopolymer based concrete product manufactured by ACM - with a reference concrete as defined by the Green Building Council of Australia.

Over the full life cycle (cradle-to-grave) E-Crete reduces greenhouse gas emissions by nearly two-thirds compared to traditional Portland cement concrete. The emissions reduction potential of E-Crete is fairly consistent (62-66% lower GHG emissions) within the studied range of 20 MPa - 40 MPa concrete strength grades.

To download a free copy of the full report, follow this link: LCA report of E-Crete.

Contact start2see if you are interested in substantiating the environmental credentials of your product or organisation. We work with companies throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

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