Sompo Japan makes donations through E-Koto CSR Point System in FY2010:CSR efforts of employees equivalent to 1.64 million yen

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. (hereinafter “Sompo Japan,” President and CEO: Kengo Sakurada) implemented the E-Koto CSR Point System in FY2010 to promote the CSR efforts of its employees, following on from the establishment of the system in July 2009. Through the system, 19,371 employees reviewed their own CSR efforts in FY2010, and a total of 1,640,302 yen equivalent to the number of points earned based on the employees’ level of contribution will be donated.

Five organizations in the fields of the environment or welfare, which are particularly active in providing reconstruction assistance for the Great East Japan Earthquake, were chosen as the donation recipients. The donations are provided to the organizations in the beginning of July to be used for the activities of each of the organizations

1.Overview of the E-Koto CSR Point System

The E-Koto CSR Point System is one in which employees review their daily activities through e-learning against a checklist of 20 items comprised of 5 themes: “basic CSR activities”; “eco activities at the workplace”; “social contribution activities”; “efforts at home”; and “Sompo Japan Group initiatives.” Based on the outcomes, Sompo Japan calculates an amount equivalent to the sum of the points corresponding to the employees’ activities and makes donations to NPOs and other organizations.

2.Number of employees participating in the system and donation total

The number of employees who participated in the system and the donation total are as follows:

Participating employees 19,371 employees Donation total 1,640,302 yen

3.Selection of donation recipients

This fiscal year, the opinions expressed in an employee questionnaire were reflected, and organizations in the fields of the environment or welfare were chosen as the donation recipients. In addition, in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake which occurred on March 11, 2011, the organizations were further narrowed down to the following five that are particularly engaged in the reconstruction assistance for the Great East Japan Earthquake.

[Environment] NPO Forests Are Lovers of the Sea : Emergency Assistance Organization (Miyagi)

With “building human harmony through the natural environment” as the catchphrase, this NPO carries out activities in the three areas of environment education, forestation, and natural environment conservation in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture. The organization suffered significant damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the donation is expected to be utilized to purchase equipment to restore the secretariat and to fund the organization’s environment education and other activities.

[Environment] NPO Weather Caster Network (Tokyo)

This organization carries out environment and weather education as well as activities to raise knowledge and awareness on disaster prevention. It also trains weather anchors who fulfill an important role in disaster prevention. The donation is expected to be utilized for the implementation of disaster prevention education at elementary schools aimed at protecting people from natural disasters.

[Welfare and disaster medical care] JPCom (Japan Philippines Community & Communication) (Osaka)

This organization, with a view to creating “communities” and “livelihood” which bring smiles to the children’s faces, provides economic empowerment assistance in the agricultural areas of the Philippines, etc., and support the independent living of persons with disabilities, in cooperation with the people of the Philippines. The donation is expected to be utilized for the activities implemented by this organization to assist the children in mainly Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, among other areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

[Welfare and disaster medical care] Japanese Association of Medical Logistics for Disaster (JAMeLD) (Tokyo)

This organization provides assistance to medical units which offer disaster medical care when large-scale disasters occur. The donation is expected to be utilized to establish temporary health care facilities in the disaster affected areas and meet the medical needs of the disaster victims.

[Environment] NPO ABUKUMA Nature School Network (Fukushima) (Tokyo)

This organization, based on the theme of “learning from and living in harmony with the land and nature,” carries out exchanges and learning activities related to living in mountain villages in Samegawa Village, southern Abukuma Plateau, Fukushima Prefecture. The donation is expected to be utilized for the “Fukushima Kids Summer Camp School” in Hokkaido, which will be in session during the summer holiday for the children in Fukushima, whose outdoor activities have been restricted as a result of the effects of the Fukushima nuclear power accident.

4.Way forward

Sompo Japan will not only make donations, but also plans to hold briefing meetings for employees on the activities which are being undertaken under the system as well as carry out initiatives in continuous partnership with each of the organizations. The FY2011 E-Koto CSR Point System is scheduled to be implemented in January 2012.

Originally released: 30 June 2011

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