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Sompo Japan Fine Art Foundation donates admission fees to earthquake victims

The Sompo Japan Fine Art Foundation has donated all admission fees collected from the “Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Project: Japanese Red Cross Society Collection Exhibition” equivalent to 3,555,750 yen (including funds collected from the donation box set up at the museum) for the Great East Japan Earthquake donation through the Japanese Red Cross Society.

The exhibition, held from January 7 to February 19, 2012, exhibited a variety of works from the collection of the Japanese Red Cross Society and introduced its beginnings and activities.

On March 29, Mr. Masatoshi Sato, President of the Sompo Japan Fine Art Foundation, visited the Japanese Red Cross Society and handed an envelope enclosed with the donation to Mr. Tadateru Konoe, President of the Japanese Red Cross Society, and received a letter of appreciation and commemorative gift.

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