Something new for the corporate sustainability tool kit - organic gardening

Facilitating staff engagement and developing sustainable behaviours that can bridge between work and home lives are key priorities for today’s sustainability managers, and also their HR counterparts. Now there’s something new in the mix … organic food gardening, enabled by an online subscription service called Cityfood Growers. This provides detailed growing advice on 300+ food crops – vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and Australian native food plants.

Even better, the real innovation of the Cityfood Growers model is that advice is tailored to every user’s local climatic conditions, based on data matched to their nearest weather station. Matching your climate to what you grow and when you grow it is the single biggest determinant of success in organic food gardening. For Australasian businesses and other organisations, this means the service is equally valuable to an employee or member in Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia, or one in suburban Sydney or Melbourne, or one in Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand.

Flexible offers

To make the Cityfood Growers service more useful to organisations of all kinds, it can be tailored to your enterprise’s needs:

  • Staff discounts – up to 30%-plus off the normal yearly subscription rate of $49;
  • Workplace garden support – group login model (establishing a ‘corporate community garden’ at the place of work is an option);
  • Gift program – a different way of rewarding your people;
  • Consulting support – get the best outcomes for your business;
  • Training workshops – delivered in person, on site and online;
  • Charity donations – add a ‘cause contribution’ to the offering.

Clients and partners will receive concise reports of the take-up from their staff, members, customers or any other groups based on use of dedicated ‘bonus codes’.

Key points

  • Food growing skills are vital for resilient and sustainable communities;
  • Will appeal to many staff across all demographics;
  • Inexpensive to offer as ‘opt-in’ benefit for employees, members etc;
  • Suits organisations operating anywhere or everywhere in Australia, New Zealand or both (also available for the US);
  • Unaffected by different state or national laws, carbon pricing policy etc;
  • Promotes health and wellbeing as well as environmental benefits;
  • And … participants get to eat the rewards of their endeavours!

DID YOU KNOW? You can cut about 2kg of CO2 emission pollution for every 1 kg of home produce you grow instead of buying from elsewhere.


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Peter Kearney of Cityfood Growers, on mobile +61 (0) 401156532 email or see website

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