Singapore hosts Crowdsourcing Week Global Conference

Next week a world-class community of thought leaders and innovators in the crowdsourcing space will converge in Singapore for CSW Global 2014.

Hailing from Silicon Valley to Germany to Kenya to Singapore, over 50 speakers will bring a global perspective to a single stage presenting the best practices in crowd innovation. This year Crowdsourcing Week also welcomes StarHub as the Global Partner for CSW 2014.

Here 5 sessions to watch out for at Crowdsourcing Week Global 2014

What’s in Store for Crowdsourcing in 2014 and Beyond - Tuesday, April 8

Sean Moffitt (Wikibrands) and and Epi Ludvik Nekaj (Crowdsourcing Week) who will highlight key results from the first annual 2014 Global Crowdsourcing Survey and deliver their thoughts on trends this year and beyond.

There Is No More B2B or B2C: There Is Only Human to Human (H2H) - Tuesday, April 8

The new shift in brand language and speak is here. Bryan Kramer, author of the new book Human to Human #H2H, will talk about how enterprises can create shifts towards better engagement through a more human-centric approach.

The Crowdsourced Search for MH370 - Wednesday, April 9

Luke Barrington (Tomnod) will give an inside look at the worldwide crowdsourced search for Flight MH370 that his company Tomnod launched and will discuss the potential of crowdsourcing for rescue and relief missions.

Why is the United Nations Investing in a Crowdsourcing Platform to Engage the Youth? - Wednesday, April 9

The United Nations is crowdsourcing youth engagement to help move the post-2015 development debate from consultation to consolidation. Mattias Sundholm, Communications Advisor to the UN will deliver an exclusive recorded message that will highlight the opportunity this effort presents for youth initiatives.

How to Establish a Global Presence for Your Startup Through Crowdfunding - Thursday, April 10

Veteran tech entrepreneur Nick NM Yap successfully crowdfunded two startups within four months that collectively raised over a million dollars – Omate TrueSmart and ROCKI. He will explain why some projects fly while others tank, and how crowdfunding is giving start-ups the muscles to innovate.

This is just a taste - View the complete agenda here. More than 50 experts in the space of crowdsourcing will demonstrate the impact of new crowd technologies and tactics on efficiency, effectiveness and the bottom line, fueling a global dialogue on the crowd-driven future that should not be missed.

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