Sindicatum recognized at the International Green Awards 2011

Sindicatum Sustainable Resources Group was named Bronze Winner in this year’s International Green Awards for Best Sustainable Investment ( The awards were announced and presented at a ceremony at the Natural History Museum in London on 24 November 2011.

Launched in 2006, the International Green Awards were set up to recognize strategies that use creativity in an engaging and effective manner, leading to more sustainable outcomes. It is now an established event on the global sustainable business calendar, showcasing “best in class” examples of effective, innovative and creative approaches to sustainability. The Awards team searches the globe every year to find true influencers, leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators, identifying worldwide sustainability success stories that inspire and motivate others.

The Awards are part of the Royal Society of Arts Environment Award Accreditation scheme and all submitted entries require evidence of efficacy and transparency. Other winners include Unilever Plc, Marks & Spencer, Hewlett Packard, Deutsche Bank and the Environment Support Group. Sindicatum Group CEO Assaad Razzouk said: “We are very proud of having been recognized by the IGA Steering group. This recognition is particularly relevant given that country negotiators are somewhat depressed at the 17th Conference of Parties in Durban because there is little to suggest that a global climate change agreement can be concluded anytime soon; even though international rules have taken 20 years to negotiate and the private sector proves every day, as we have been recognized again to have done, that given the right signals, it is willing and waiting to deliver solutions which save lives because of their impact on global climate change.”

Other awards won by Sindicatum in 2011 include the Commodity Business Award for Excellence in Renewable Energy Markets (, the Green Business Awards for both the Renewable Energy and the Carbon Reduction categories (, the Carbon Finance Transaction of the Year award by Environmental Finance (http://www.environmental‐, The Global Business Excellence Award for Outstanding Green Initiative ( and the Most Progressive Corporate Leader award by the Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia or ASrIA, awarded to Assaad Razzouk, Group CEO (

About Sindicatum Sustainable Resources Group

Sindicatum develops, operates and finances projects that reduce greenhouse gases in certain industries and produce sustainable resources (clean energy, biogas, biomass, water and physical commodities) and emission reductions and other environmental commodities. Sindicatum provides the in‐house expertise and finance required to originate, develop and operate such projects throughout their development and operational lifetime. Sindicatum’s projects fall into four keys sectors: agricultural solutions, municipal waste to energy, coal mine methane and low carbon energy and include the development and operation of 33 fully financed projects worldwide.

The theme of resource scarcity is central to Sindicatum’s strategy. Sindicatum believes that, globally, economic development (and thus increasing demand for resources) will continue to strain natural resources worldwide. Sindicatum’s investment thesis is based on the premise that such trends will have an extremely important influence on the pricing of increasingly scarce resources such as energy, water, agricultural resources and clean air. Consequently Sindicatum’s aim is to produce long term supplies of these sustainable products.

Sindicatum’s investors include three leading US university endowments, five prominent US charitable foundations and global financial institutions representing the commodity, banking, insurance and alternative investment sectors.

For more information on Sindicatum visit

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