Sharemeister launches “Allcot Sustainability Challenge”

“Allcot Sustainability Challenge” is a campaign to benefit Allcot’s carbon neutral projects. It features Team Earth and Team Water, which participants can join and donate on behalf of their team to benefit various carbon neutral projects. Teams compete by adding to their number in order to out-give the opposing team before the end of the event on April 22, 2014.

The main objective of Team Earth’s REDD project is to prevent and avoid unplanned deforestation of the native forests. The main objective of Team Water’s hydropower project is to provide energy to the Columbian Interconnected System displacing energy produced by non-renewable energy.

This campaign has been developed together with Sharemeister, a social enterprise marketing company that integrates giving into everyday life. “We are very excited to being working with Sharemeister. Our partnership provides the first outlet for consumers and business to offset their carbon footprint in a shared fashion,” says Alexis L. Leroy, CEO at Allcot Group. “This platform gives us a way to combine competition with collective-funding that makes improving the planet, fun and impactful”.

How it works

Sharemeister has created several unique ways to benefit your favorite causes. Access a “Giving Toolbox” to integrate your debit, credit, and reward card to Sharemeister and earn “Shares” (S!) from everyday purchases with registered merchants. Purchases at retailers help you give to your favorite causes with no additional cost to your wallet.

Additionally, people can join a competition to benefit their favorite causes on behalf of their team, earn giving rewards, and win the event. “Shares” (S!) can also be earned by spending time online using the Sharemeister browser application for Firefox. The application is ad-based and converts the time spent online into money for causes at no out-of-pocket expense. Download Sharemeister mobile application for Android and iOS devices or visit the Sharemeister website to learn more.

Participants earn “Shares” (S!) by using their Giving Toolbox, which are converted into monetary donations for registered nonprofits at Sharemeister, including carbon neutral projects in the “Allcot Sustainability Challenge.”

“Technology is giving us new ways to positively impact our lives, our communities, and our planet,” says Jonathan Hoeflinger, Co-founder of Sharemeister, “Who knew you could fill up at the gas station and offset your carbon footprint at the same time?”

About Allcot

Allcot develops, manages and trades in all sectors related with climate mitigation, focusing on sustainable development through energy trading and building successful partnerships with companies who value the environment.

Solutions offered by Allcot are customized and designed to improve business operations at all levels, from operation development to carbon portfolio management, covering all needs of today’s climate conscious entities.

About Sharemeister

Sharemeister’s Social Enterprise Marketing™ platform is designed to Integrate Giving into Everyday Life™. The platform features a Giving Toolbox for individuals, Crowd-funding services for nonprofits, and Social Enterprise Marketing campaigns for merchants.

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