Renewable Grid Integration China Week 2012

In 2010 installed wind power capacity in China reached 41.827 GW, for the first time overtaking America and ranking No.1 globally. However, due to industry bottleneck of the state power grid much of this has sat in a state of “inability to integrate excess capacity”. Now the establishment of a standardized system and stimulating policies will break the wind power grid integration stalemate.

China Strength from the 12th Five-Year Plan Smart Power Grid
In order to support the massive grid power integration, State Grid of China SGCC announced they will increase efforts in developing the power grid. SGCC announced that by 2015 they will have completed the smart grid, bringing the smart gird to international high-tech levels, and increasing its ability to integrate power from wind farms to 100 GW and solar farms by 5 GW.

According to statistics, at the end of 2010 SGCC had invested USD$6.3 billion, building 23.2 thousand kilometers of wind power grid integration power lines and 28.26 GW of wind regional power grid integration equipment stations, with maximum overall grid load of 4.2%, doubling every year for 5 years. Moreover, as the biggest limitation in wind power grid integration, State Grid has sped up technological standardization and equipment R&D implementation, increasing the grids allocation abilities. For instance, the total LVRT upgrade investment for current wind farms and turbine manufacturers has estimated over USD$10 billion.

Popular renewable energy integration issues will be discussed in Renewable Grid Integration China Summit 2012 (RGIS) in Beijing, such as grid integration update policies, regulatory frameworks, grid coding standardization, wind farm pilot project experiences and LVRT upgrade investment plans. Especially for China’s “wind power grid integration standardization system”, will compose clearly specifying power grid, wind farm and other parties responsibilities, rights, benefits and outline a clear path for wind power grid integration from a commercial perspective at this platform.

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