Redwood Logistics empowers shippers to grow more sustainable supply chain with Redwood Hyperion

Redwood Logistics empowers shippers to grow more sustainable supply chain with Redwood Hyperion

Redwood Logistics (Redwood), one of the fastest-growing supply chain and logistics companies in North America, today introduced its innovative sustainability tool, Redwood Hyperion, providing freight emissions calculations and access to verified carbon credits.

Available later this year, Redwood’s sustainability program will provide a customisable suite of carbon visibility, reduction, and offsetting tools, meeting shippers wherever they are in their sustainability journey – providing actionable insights to help reach their goals.

“As the world moves in a greener, cleaner and more efficient direction, it is paramount that our supply chains lead the way,” said Michael Reed, Chief Product Officer at Redwood. “Going carbon neutral can seem daunting and complex, but we’re working to change that. Redwood Hyperion works in union with Redwood’s existing green initiatives to provide a custom, step-by-step program to support shippers in their sustainability journey.”

Redwood Hyperion automates detailed load-by-load emissions calculations, provides supply chain emissions metrics & analytics, and supports carbon neutral initiatives by facilitating carbon credit purchases toward verified projects. It will include a comprehensive suite of carbon tracking and data tools through RedwoodConnect™, Redwood’s proprietary iPaaS platform that facilitates integration of digital and physical supply chains.

Additionally, Redwood will be formalizing its current managed offering under Redwood Eco Advisory umbrella to guide shippers towards supply chain efficiencies that obtains measurable emission reductions, while also reducing freight costs.

By bringing freight emissions into the bigger picture of overall impact, Redwood Hyperion will be a key aspect in enabling customers to make informed and carbon-efficient decisions. Measurable emissions in hand, reductions are a priority to climate initiatives that can be supported with leading-edge technology, network optimisation, and freight operations evolution. What can’t be reduced can be offset as part of a net-zero emissions strategy.

“With Redwood Hyperion, users can calculate, analyze, and report the total emission footprint and take action with verified offsets. Leveraging this solution, shippers will gain a strong step in their net-neutral targets that can only be achieved with complete emissions transparency that we believe will be a key influencing factor in the evolution of the supply chain industry as a whole,” concluded Reed.

Hyperion, a coastal redwood tree located in California, ranks as the tallest living tree in the world. Given a coastal redwood can absorb as much as 250 times the carbon of other trees, Hyperion was selected as Redwood’s recognisable symbol of climate change while further strengthening Redwood’s LPaaS (Logistics Platform as a Service) ecosystem, bridging the gap between logistics and technology through an interconnected and open platform that allows for effortless scaling and logistics network design.

Learn more about Redwood Hyperion at

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