Publication of “Sompo Japan Insurance (China) 2010 CSR Report”

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.’s (hereinafter “Sompo Japan”, President and CEO: Kengo Sakurada) locally incorporated company in China, Sompo Japan Insurance (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Sompo Japan China”, Vice Chairman, President: Osamu Kawase), has issued its “Sompo Japan Insurance (China) 2010 CSR Report” (Chinese only) on May 31, 2011, outlining the initiatives carried out by Sompo Japan China in the pursuit of social responsibility. This is the first local edition CSR report to be published by a Japanese financial institution operating in China.

1. Background and Purpose of CSR Report

Sompo Japan has issued a CSR Report for the entire Sompo Japan Group (Japanese and English) annually since 1998. Sompo Japan China is the Sompo Japan Group’s first overseas office to issue a local edition CSR report, aimed at further advancing CSR initiatives through dialogue with stakeholders in China.

Against growing requests for CSR information disclosure in China, Sompo Japan China launched the “CSR Management System Development Project” involving the Dalian head office and three branches in China in July 2010, which undertook preparations for the release of the CSR report.

2. Composition and Content of CSR Report

The CSR report has referred to the China CSR Reporting Guidelines (CASS-CSR 1.0), among other sources, and consists of three parts: environmental responsibility; social responsibility; and economic responsibility.

The content focuses on the initiatives carried out by Sompo Japan China in FY2010 bearing in mind the Sompo Japan Group’s vision for CSR.

3. Moving Forward

The Sompo Japan Group strives to instill CSR practices across the globe, and will continue to accelerate its initiatives to this end.

■ “Sompo Japan Insurance (China)’s CSR Report (in Chinese)” website

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