Pangolin Associates expands to include ACA and CFI carbon management

Australia - National energy and carbon management firm Pangolin Associates welcomes Dr Sam Phua to the team. Dr Phua is a Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditor. He brings extensive energy and carbon services experience, and uniquely in Australia, the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) program. Pangolin will now offer the verification service to airports in the Asia Pacific region.

Joint Managing Director Iain Smale says: “With Sam on board Pangolin will become the go to carbon management specialist for airports. Sam will also help us meet the increasing demand for a range of verification and assurance services that make up a significant part of our business.” Pangolin services include mandatory and voluntary schemes such as the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Act, Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO), the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

Smale adds, “We are excited about new services in 2014, particularly as Sam leads us into new offerings under the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI).” CFI is a carbon offset scheme set to continue under the Coalition Government. The scheme remunerates farmers and landowners for carbon credits created through actions such as sequestration and avoided deforestation.

Dr Phua is an expert in carbon origination establishment projects such as CFI. He is the lead author for one of the world’s first Improved Forest Management-logged to Protected Forests Methodology (IFM-LtPF) under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). He has also authored numerous scientific papers on climate change and various government and community environmental schemes and projects.

Dr Sam Phua will be situated in Pangolin Associates’ office in the Brisbane CBD. For enquiries, email or call 07 3103 2000.

About Pangolin Associates

Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd has offices in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra. The consultancy works with businesses and governments across Australia helping to increase efficiencies and competitiveness whilst reducing carbon, energy and other environmental impacts.

Pangolin’s services include comprehensive greenhouse gas assessments (carbon footprints), energy efficiency audits, verification and assurance services, and carbon offsetting. Pangolin’s scientific team has comprehensive experience and the highest level of environmental accreditations. Auditors are registered under the Federal Government’s Department of the Environment.

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