Over 18,000 people took part in Sompo Japan’s ‘SAVE JAPAN Project’

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. (President: Kengo Sakurada; hereinafter,“Sompo Japan”) and Nipponkoa Insurance Co, Ltd. (President: Masaya Futamiya; hereinafter, “Nipponkoa”) have held a grand total of 325 events over three years starting in FY2011 as part of their SAVE JAPAN Project, in which more than 18,000 people have taken part.

We have donated 88,969,580 yen to environmental NGOs and other organizations as activity funds for the FY2013 SAVE JAPAN Project.

The SAVE JAPAN Project is a program in which we make donations to environmental NGOs and other organizations when customers enroll in automobile insurance and select the “web-based insurance clause” option in accordance with the number of such contracts concluded. It carries out activities to conserve biodiversity geared towards residents in cooperation with the Japan NPO Center, the NPO support centers that support resident endeavors in local regions, and nationwide environmental NGOs.

The project provides opportunities for community members to take an interest in the natural environment that is all around them, while also instituting activities for environmental conservation through the cooperation of companies, NGOs, and residents. Through this it aims to “create livable environments for living creatures.”

In FY2013, 138 events were held in all prefectures across Japan with the participation of 6,947 residents, bringing the grand total number of participants since the project’s start in FY2011 to more than 18,000 people.

In January 2014 an event was held entitled “Dialogue -Future Forms of Cooperation between Companies and NGOs for the SAVE JAPAN Project Based on Its Three-year History.” The event announced the project’s initiatives from the past three years, while also considering future modalities for cooperation between companies and NGOs, and featured the participation of numerous members of NGOs and companies.

For the FY2014 SAVE JAPAN Project, the plan is to hold events all over Japan starting in June. The NKSJ Group, which includes the two companies above, has set forth “Tackling Global Environmental Issues” and “Community Involvement and Development — Partnership with NGOs”in the Group’s Six CSR Material Issues.

Sompo Japan and Nipponkoa will continue to provide opportunities for residents to take an interest in the natural environment that is all around them and work towards the realization of sustainable communities through cooperation with NGOs and other organizations in the future.

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