Newly-launched Eco-Foil aims to top building insulation market in developing countries

Insulation is often overlooked in the construction industry in emerging markets, where the cost of materials is among the very first decision-making criteria.

Combined with relatively affordable energy prices, this results in buildings wasting most of their energy used for air-conditioning. Tenants end up paying a high price, with very few options to reduce their bill.

South-East Asia-based importer Trading Green specializes in distributing high-performance materials that save costs. In collaboration with UK-based manufacturer of aluminum composite foils Apollo Insulation,  the company developed and launched Eco-Foil, a low-cost yet high-performance insulating foil that targets the building refurbishing market in developing countries.

Eco-Foil is easy to install under roofs, in walls and will reflect 96% of radiating heat for more than 30 years, while providing a waterproof membrane against humidity at the same time. It comes with a 10 years manufacturer guarantee and offsets more than 12kg of CO2 per year per square meter.

Eco-Foil has already been benchmarked during market testing against locally produced aluminum foils. Tests have demonstrated that Eco-Foil insulated at least twice better and will last more than 3 times longer than competing products.

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