New video lesson: The secret lives of our clothes

We are very happy to announce our new video ‘The secret lives of our clothes’, that we created to help consumers around the world to understand their impact and their real purchasing power.  We all know that there is a price tag that’s being hidden from us every day. Not the one that tells us how much money to pay, but the one that adds up the hidden costs, like sweatshop labor, industrial pollution, and toxic chemicals in products. Check out GECKO’s new video to find out the hidden price of your jeans!

You’ve been supporting our non-profit community initiative for the past 2 years. Our GECKO program initially offered innovative educational lessons, to students attending high school and university around China. The scheme’s main objectives were to inspire pupils to become green ambassadors within their own communities and to assist in potential career choices, by familiarising young people with local industries supportive of environmental progress. Since its founding, NGO GECKO has reached out to over 20,000 students in more than 100 schools in 14 provinces throughout China.

GECKO’s encouraging start led our team to expand our efforts and develop an e-learning platform to make the curriculum more accessible to the masses. In August 2011, GECKO Online, a series of virtual animated environmental lectures were released, with the purpose of offering free educational resources to anyone with a keen green interest. So far, lectures have been created on with the following topics in English and Chinese; Lessons from the Past, Energy for the Future, Solving Sustainability Challenges, The Journey of Sustainable Business and The Secret lives of our clothes. Moving forwards, GECKO Online will provide a new lesson each month, addressing most urgent topics around food, waste, cosmetics, water and so on.

Our lessons have been viewed not only in China, but almost half of the visitors are now coming from abroad. If you would like to follow our progress and help us spread the word, please like us on Facebook or join us on Twitter @greennovate.

We hope to increase our impact and reach viewers both throughout China and abroad, helping to inspire people everywhere and help foster a generation who understand and appreciate the value of sustainability.

The Greennovate team

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