New opportunities in ultrapure water technologies for the semi-conduct

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UPW is a term used to refer to water produced for specific industrial processes where the water is significantly more pure than the typical municipal potable water standards. Definitions of UPW tend to be specific to the needs of the industry in which it is used, such as the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. Innovation in UPW is predominantly driven by the semiconductor industry, which requires UPW to produce the microprocessors found phones, computers and the many other ubiquitous electronics that pervade our lives.

With the market for water and wastewater treatment in the semiconductor industry estimated to be over $1 billion and semiconductor demand growing, the UPW market represents a sizable opportunity. The line sizes on microchips are getting smaller, which increases the amount of water required in the process.

This webinar will explore how the UPW market in the semiconductor industry is changing and what new opportunities are being created.

The following topics and questions will be discussed:

*How is the semi-conductor UPW market changing and consolidating?

*How can a new entrant break into this market?

*How is water used in the semi-conductor manufacturing industry? What are the volumes of water required and quality requirements?

*Typical treatment trains, pain points and how are the pain points being addressed?

*What recent innovations are emerging and leading to new opportunities?

*How do changes in the semi-conductor UPW industry affect other industries?

*What are the differences between the semiconductor UPW market and other industries (e.g. pharmaceuticals)?


· Vyacheslav (Slava) Libman, Water Lab Director, Air Liquide - Balazs Nanoanalysis

· Dan Wilcox, Facilities Engineering Manager, Spansion FAB25

· Marty Burkhart, Owner, Hi Pure Tech Inc.

· Alan Knapp, Director, Global Business Development, Siemens Water Technologies

Who should attend?

Investors looking to understand the market opportunity in ultrapure water technologies

*Water Industry Executives looking to maintain (or establish) a competitive advantage and inform strategic moves in this growing market segment.

*Technology providers looking for technology gaps and unmet needs

* Consultants looking to stay on top of the latest market trends and the state of technological innovation in the UPW market segment.

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