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New Global Green Economy Index - Coming September 2012

The 3rd edition of the annual Global Green Economy Index (SM) will be published in September 2012.  Dual Citizen Inc., a Washington-based consultancy, publishes the annual report ranking 27 nations according to their green leadership, domestic policy frameworks, cleantech investment climate and commitment to green tourism.  In the Asia-Pacific region, the Global Green Economy Index (GGEI) currently covers China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

“Green reputations are a vital component of overall country brands and the Global Green Economy Index provides government and private stakeholders in the green economy a unique tool to track, analyze and improve upon performance in this sector,”said Jeremy Tamanini, the founder of Dual Citizen Inc.

The 3rd edition of the GGEI will feature updates and enhancements from prior years including:

  • Gap analysis between perceptions and performance of national green economies yielding actionable findings for nation branding, strategic communications, investment/export promotion, sustainable tourism and green growth.
  • More in-depth perception data for each of the four dimensions measured.  For example, the green leadership dimension will present perception data for how respondents view each nation’s green leadership through the Head of State, Global Media Presence, International Forums and Development Aid.
  • Enhanced geographic survey sampling in key emerging markets like China, Brazil, and India.
  • New performance index for 27 urban areas measuring city green economies, enabling comparisons between national and city green growth.

Dual Citizen Inc. provides governments and international organizations with analytic tools and strategic communications consulting to advance policy and economic agendas.


In Washington and New York - Jeremy Tamanini - (917) 680 5899

Download the 2011 Global Green Economy Index here:

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