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New forest plantation projects to start operation in Kalimantan

A team of Indonesian professionals in forestry and agriculture have secured a strong support from a local corporation for the development of forestry plantation projects in Kalimantan. The first project to be developed is located in Kabupaten Berau, East Kalimantan, with a designated concession area of 15,000 ha. The total development costs for the project stands at USD 50 million and will be absorbed for three year planting period.

Upon the completion of the first project, the initiators have prepared other locations for the same forestry project. These include some forestry concessions in West Kalimantan and Sumatra. Target market for forestry plantation can be either wood chip and wood pellet as biomass fuel or wood chip as pulp raw material.

Despite the involvement of the local corporation the project initiators will invite offshore partner which has market access in Europe and East Asia. Interested parties are welcome to inquire on the project by sending email to <> for further details.

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