NeoBio microorganisms reduced municipal wastewater treatment plant electricity consumption by 50%

NeoBio completed successfully a 6 months trial in a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Kuala Lumpur, where it reduced electricity consumption by 50 per cent and improved operations.

Project objective: to reduce electricity consumption in aeration tanks by reducing aeration pump usage


  • 50% saved on electricity consumption
  • plant operations and maintenance improved: final effluent quality less sensitive to pollution peaks at inflow and to mechanical failures, easier maintenance through sludge reduction
  • 25% monthly costs saved once cost of product has been factored in
  • payback period: 3 months

Product used: NeoBio, French-made natural microorganisms for wastewater treatment developed in collaboration with Louis Pasteur Institute. NeoBio was applied every 2 weeks into the plant’s tanks. NeoBio is packaged in water-soluble, solid powder 25 gram bags which treat 1 cubic meter of holding tank for up to 2 weeks. Dosage for this project was calculated at 13% of the total tanks capacity and the plant was loaded over a period of one month.

Project site:

  • 5,000 p.e. municipal wastewater treatment plant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, servicing a housing estate
  • 2,300 cubic meters total tanks capacity (grease separation, aeration, clarifiers)
  • average measured daily inflow: 3,670cbm
  • peak measured daily inflow: 7,157cbm

Trial period: from June to December 2011

Choice factors: the Malaysian municipal wastewater treatment plant operator was looking for a non-chemical solution to improve operations and reduce costs at its plants.

NeoBio was chosen for this trial because of its unique combination of high performance and 100% environment-friendliness, consistently demonstrated from Europe, South-America, Africa and Asia.

NeoBio contains more than 20 strains of targeted action microorganisms that collaborate as an ecosystem to digests organic waste matter quicker and more efficiently than other solutions currently on the market.

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