Moringa Oleifera to meet the Global Demand for New Economical Sources of Feed, Food & Fuel

In the recent years Moringa oil industry has caught the great attention in the global market and, as the world’s largest Moringa producer, India plays a very important role in it. Thus, it is very important for stakeholders of Moringa oil industry to continuously and constantly to keep updated on the technology due to its potential in maximizing productivity and achieving further efficiency. BBA, Biodiesel Business Academy, the knowledge arm of Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel holds the 2nd Global MORINGA MEET 2013 as an important event for global Moringa stakeholders. This event will provide reliable information on Moringa, market dynamics, and also with the latest issues in the industry.

The attendees of 1st Global Moringa Meet 2012 were also apprised of some of the latest research underway in moringa, including new varieties better adapted to worldwide crop zones. Other highlights from the last moringa meet included a visit to moringa nursery and oil extraction demonstration, and a special session on Moringa biodiesel aspects. The participants were thrilled to experience the extraction process. “I am touched by the presentation today,” one of the attendee said. “It has been an incredible opportunity for me to be part of this happening”.

BBA is all set to discuss the entire Moringa production from ground zero to scale. All important topics shall be covered relating to Agronomy, Horticulture, Biology, Engineering, and Marketing and Financial aspects of Moringa commercialization in a 2 Day Moringa State of Art International Workshop from November 21-22, 2013, Jaipur, India. BBA is recognized as an important platform for productive exchanges among the academic, commercial and investment communities.  Join us at this unique knowledge platform to share the latest information on Moringa, which promises to have something for everyone interested in developing, growing and utilizing Moringa.

While agronomic work is an important first step in the development of any new crop, for new oilseeds to reach commercialization, several other factors need to be addressed. There is definitely an education curve for producers to be able to understand how Moringa fits into their rotation. Even a superior genotype variety when planted in inadequate soil and improperly cared for will be unable to reach its potential and will create dissatisfied stakeholders. The 2nd Moringa Meet 2013 shall highlight how scientific selection of site and superior seed strain can ensure a successful Moringa farm. The invaluable insights provided by experts/scientists will help our trainees to better understand the sustainability of this potential feed, food and fuel crop.

To create, build and succeed in the growing world of Moringa one needs complete and comprehensive knowledge of Plant Science, Plant Technology and Plant Economics. Make sure you get all the necessary information by registering today as this is the only platform to understand & learn, to plan and execute the best expertise to discuss and analyze the present and future dynamics of Moringa oil crops.

The 2 days meet focuses on “Future-proofing your Moringa business with strategies and tactics to acquire and create a FAILSAFE MORINGA FARM”.

Early registration is highly recommended if you want to be a part of shaping the future of your dream project.

Seize this opportunity to begin business with Moringa and REGISTER today as seats are limited.

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