Marine Solar Power product range announced

Eco Marine Power (EMP) today announced that it has finalised its range of marine solar power solutions and related products. The solutions include Aquarius Marine Solar Power and Aquarius MAS + Solar in addition to standalone products such as class-approved marine batteries and marine solar panel frame kits. These products and solutions are suitable for use on ships, offshore platforms and coastal applications.

A marine solar power solution from EMP is an integrated class-accepted system that may include a marine computer, battery chargers, batteries, marine-grade solar panels plus interfaces to other equipment and sensors. Each solution can be designed & scaled to suit a wide variety of ships including passenger ferries, cruise ships, tankers, bulk ore carriers and offshore support vessels.

Aquarius Marine Solar Power is basically a stand-alone solar power system which is not integrated with other shipboard systems but provides a DC output which can be connected to a DC load or via an inverter to an AC load.

Aquarius MAS + Solar includes all the elements of the Aquarius Marine Solar Power solution plus additional hardware and interfaces to fuel flow meters, GPS and other equipment on a ship. This allows the system to record fuel consumption, calculate emissions and monitor main engine revolutions, generator output and a range of other equipment. It can also be expanded to include KEI 3240 Data Logger functions.

An Aquarius Marine Solar Power or Aquarius MAS + Solar package is suitable for new-building projects and can also be retrofitted to existing vessels.

In co-operation with strategic and technical partners, Eco Marine Power also offers a range of marine solar power products and services for ships and marine use including:

  • Flexible marine grade solar panels designed for use on ships and other vessels.
  • Marine grade solar panel frame kits.
  • Marine batteries, battery packs and energy storage solutions.
  • Battery rack and installation kits for ships and marine applications.
  • System design support and consulting services

Eco Marine Power along with KEI System, The Furukawa Battery Company and Teramoto Iron Works will exhibit the complete range of marine solar power solutions and products at Sea Japan 2016 in Tokyo in April.

For more information of the line-up of marine solar power solutions and products available please see: aquarius-marine-solar-power

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