Malaysia: Biological system set to improve sewage treatment

A biological system able to transform wastewater into a much cleaner and environmental-friendly treated sewage is set to better the current wastewater treatment system in the country.

Ronser Bio-Tech (Australia) Ltd director Prof Dr Brett Neilan, who specialises in microbial and molecular biology, said the advanced system included a biological product named Mass Biosystem (MBS) in its process to treat the wastewater.

“We take contaminated water with high contents of nitrogen, phosphorus and ammonia and convert it to natural substances.

“The new system, which can be built from scratch or modified into existing systems, will be especially useful in the sewerage and manufacturing industries,” he said.

Prof Neilan explained that although factories were processing waste materials before channelling it back to water sources, most of them found it hard to meet the effluent discharge requirements set by the Environmental Department.

“With our system, ammonia levels would no longer be a problem as the effluent tested even better than the river water and the treatment process is also much faster due to quick reaction of the highly concentrated bacteria used.

“The waste produce could also be turned into bio-gas that can be used to generate power, resulting in a reduction in operational costs over time,” he added.

Sewerage specialist consultant and professional engineer Jamaiatul Lailah Mohd Jais said the availability of such a system was a step forward for the sewerage industry.

“The Ronser technology has added advantages when compared to the extended aeration system, commonly used in our sewage treatment plants.

“One of the notable examples is the reduction in retention time, as what would take between 18 to 24 hours can be reduced to just eight hours,” she said, adding that there were about 8,000 sewage treatment plants in the country.

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