Mahle Technologies is taking part in the NEV Forum

The New Energy Vehicle Forum will be held in Shanghai from June 14 to 15, 2012. Mahle Technologies Investment (China) Co., LTD. will be among the presenters at the summit.

The NEV Forum will include two summits: NEV Forum Battery Summit and NEV Forum Charging Summit. Among them, the Lithium Battery Technology Summit will regard lithium battery power as the main theme, providing extended discussions about the latest policies of the new energy vehicle power battery industry, advanced technology, and integration applications. The NEV Charging Summit will discuss in depth the infrastructure of electric vehicle charging, the latest electric vehicle charging policy guidelines, the cutting edge of charging pile and charging station technology, and their development and new business model.

At the appointed time, Mahle Technologies Investment (China) Co., LTD. will gather with the elite players in the global automotive industry to share successful experiences with the special attendees and to discuss the future development of the new energy vehicle industry. As the car research and development’s main partners and the global leader of the engine industry, Mahle shows customers a unique overall strength in the field of the internal combustion engine and peripheral engine parts. Regarding piston systems, cylinder parts, valve actuation systems, and gas and liquid management systems, Mahle has evolved into one of the top three global companies, with its clients including all of the famous manufacturers of internal combustion engines.

Sponsor H&Z Group is the localization of the strongest comprehensive strength industrial periodical publishers in China, have relevant professional websites and hold trade    exhibitions.

NEV, New Energy Vehicle magazine, and the New Energy Vehicles Industry Network have held New Energy Vehicle Forum for five years. The sixth forum will continue to promote the sustainable development of new energy and bring participants new surprises.  H&Z, NEV, and the New Energy Vehicles Industry Network look forward to your participation.



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