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Investing in the ocean

The Sustainable Ocean Summit will feature a plenary session on the “Ocean Investment Platform: Accelerating Investment for Ocean Sustainable Development”.

The WOC Ocean Investment Platform is the newly developing global framework to advance financing for ocean sustainable development.

The Ocean Investment plenary session at SOS 2016 will:

·Present the Ocean Investment Platform and the global structure and process for facilitating and accelerating investment in ocean sustainable development.

·Advance the collaboration of investors, major ocean users, and innovators/solution providers in identifying opportunities for financing in ocean sustainable development.

·Explore how ocean industries can best identify priorities for investment in marine technology, information and innovations to address sustainable development.

The SOS 2016 Ocean Investment Platform session will be chaired by Jacques Demers, Founding Partner, Agawa Partners.

The session will feature presentations highlighting different scales and mechanisms for investment in ocean sustainable development that can be facilitated, accelerated and scaled up via the WOC Ocean Investment Platform, including:

·Blue Bonds and Ocean Investment

·Ocean Investment Facility and Fund: Developing a Financial Mechanism in Support of Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) and Regional Seas

·Catalyzing Blue Economy Investment in East Asia

·Our Oceans Challenge: A Pipeline for Innovation and Solutions to Ocean Industry Environmental Problems

A panel of senior investment professionals will provide their perspectives on financing ocean sustainable development, the development of the Ocean Investment Platform and how the Platform can best identify, articulate and evaluate ocean industry opportunities for financing responsible ocean development.

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