International forum brings local solutions into the Olympics spotlight

THE GLOBAL SUMMIT 2012 Biennial Meeting
Co-Creating Our Sustainable Future
August 15 - 17, 2012. London, UK -

International forum brings local solutions into the Olympics spotlight.

The Olympics opening ceremony illuminated the last two hundred years and created an atmosphere of hope and world peace, and begs the question, “what will remain when the torch goes out?”

With 1 billion people watching its opening ceremony, the Olympic Games are - by a long-shot –the world’s largest peaceful convergence and most successful global collaboration on earth.

THE GLOBAL SUMMIT™, a biennial forum dedicated to uniting the world’s social, economic, and environmental movements for a sustainable future, is crossing national, political and cultural boundaries to bring its 3rd biennial meeting to London to coincide with the world’s largest outreach platform today.

Launched in San Francisco at the door step of the 2008 economic crisis, THE GLOBAL SUMMIT™ 2012 will be held days after the Olympics closing ceremony August 16 & 17 in the center of London’s financial district at 200 Aldersgate Rd.

A few of the sustainability pioneers in this year’s Summit include Traci Fenton - visionary CEO of WorldBlu, bringing democracy at work to the Whitehouse (with a mission to bring it to 1 Billion people worldwide), Lindy Wafula - changing politics as usual as Women’s Congress Leader at Labour Party of Kenya, Professor Jan Black, PhD (Amnesty International USA Board Member/ Prof. Monterey Institute of International Studies), Jenny Huang, (Director of Strategic Standards, AT&T/ Board Members, Empowerment WORKS); Collaboration & Innovation Maverick, Nick Jankel; Media Mogul, Mike Jarvis; and Star Trek Star, Dominic Keating.

With the UK’s banking fiasco, record breaking floods, fires and temperatures; new approaches to climate and institutional change are in all-time demand.

With health and education budgets being cut when services are most needed, sustaining a quality of life people are accustomed to means moving beyond government and charity based solutions into what communities themselves can do.

Local resource driven models of multi-sector collaboration are becoming the lifeblood of the new economy - vital to deliver critical services and jobs.

What will be the role of government and non-profits in the next decade and century?

Are today’s professionals and civic leaders prepared for the shifting roles in their local economies and social structures?

With “whole-system redesign” as their call to action , hundreds of sustainability innovators from across the planet working in business, media, arts, education, social investment & impact arenas will converge to answer these questions and exchange scaleable solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

Linking social innovators with the teams and technologies they need to create rippling social and economic impact, THE GLOBAL SUMMIT™ delivers a universal framework for multi-sector collaboration.
Equipped with leading edge social innovation tools to create tangible results, delegates will engage in locally-led initiatives from Pakistan to Guatemala achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – the UN’s 2015 challenge to resolve poverty, provide universal primary education and ensure environmental sustainability.

Having begun its outreach in Africa with the first African Local Summit in April to source its speakers and real-world challenges, the Summit strategically links those at the front lines of poverty and climate change with professionals, students delegates and Olympic travelers for in a hands-on, cross-cultural experience for all.

Each day begins with thought-leaders unleashing new world views; followed by interactive solution councils, transformative workshops and community dialogues on everything from currency systems to what we can learn from the Olympics on global collaboration.   By August 17, participants gain tools, partners and inspiration they & their communities need to thrive.

Participants can expect cross cross-cutting social, economic & environmental topics including:

  • How Technology is Shaping our Future
  • Beyond CSR: Multi-sector Impact Standards
  • Whole-System Re-Design: Beyond Rio, Beyond Sustainability
  • New Bottom Lines: Social Business & Economics of Happiness
  • Human Rights and community resilience in the era of climate change

Dedicated to the creation of a global citizen-driven policy-making system by 2020, THE GLOBAL SUMMIT™ 2012 will apply advances in digital communications to include voices of those working on the front lines of poverty, climate change and food security.

“London is home to many of the world’s top sustainability organizations, and is considered the capital of the global corporate social responsibility movement,” said Melanie St. James, co-founder of Empowerment WORKS, which is producing The Global Summit.

“People worldwide expect companies, governments, and nonprofits to be actively involved in sustainability efforts,” continued Melanie. “We are giving all the ‘players’ in the London Olympics the opportunity to contribute to sustainability as well, by participating in The Global Summit.”

Harnessing the passion of the arts, Live Music, Poetry, Fashion & Dance, the Conscious World Film Festival, and Theatrical performances, are woven throughout the Summit.  Highlights include cultural icons, Crystal Salimi (Middle Eastern Belly Dancer), Alessandra Belloni (Italian Singer) and composer, Richard Shulman (USA).

AUGUST 15-17, over the course of a cultural benefit on August 15 and two-day thought-leader forum August 16 & 17, THE GLOBAL SUMMIT™ 2012 delegates will identify shared values, discover synergies, and advance year-round collaborative impact.

Registration, Program, speakers and partners, visit:

Press contact: Melanie St.James / +44 (0) 744- 888-7923 (UK)

Press Passes & Media Partners:

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