Innogroup HK Ltd launched

A natural extension of Innovasians is Innogroup HK Ltd. Innogroup HK Ltd aims to license the eco and sustainable technologies that are OEM added into Innovasians products to reduce environmental impact.

In collaboration with the inventors the lP license for global in-country up cycling of biomass is managed and supported by Innogroup HK Ltd. The value added by Innogroup HK :

  1. R&D and Co-patenting and licensing
  2. Partnering and forging alliances
  3. Scaling the business

The Business Model is based on taking the advisory role or being a partner:

Advisory:The advisory role forges alliances and offers relationship brokerage. Services include:

  • access to funding,
  • financial and legal expertise for capital- and deal structuring and
  • technical advise.

Partnering: Innogroup HK committed to improving/cleaning-up the global environment, improving general health (plastic is reduced in our food chain) and eroding poverty through creating jobs. With Innogroup leadership, R&D and CO-patenting is forged and business is scaled globally, accessing new markets where there are biomass waste.

Innogroup is executing sustainable and viable projects in the following areas:

  • The development and manufacturing of eco and sustainable lifestyle products on a global scale through up cycling of biomass / celulosic waste from agriculture
  • The production of next generation bio-plastics in India, South America and South Africa to date

If you have a patent in green technology and want to ‘go global’ with licensing, OR you have biomass that you want to up cycle into bioplastic, please see or contact or for more information

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