Induss: The cluster success story

Induss, expert in industrial water solutions, keeps building on its cluster concept. Induss IV will be the new water treatment plant at the ‘Plassendale’ chemical cluster in Ostend.

Plassendale cluster

Only two years after the start up, Induss realizes a fourth production site. After the chemical cluster in the port of Antwerp (Induss I) and Ghent (Induss II and III), Ostend is the third port in Belgium where Induss is going to be an active player.

Proviron becomes first client of Induss IV

The first client of the water treatment plant Induss IV is Proviron, which produces inter alia biodiesel.

Proviron offers globally sustainable solutions to niche market challenges by supplying chemicals into which the company is maximally integrated.

To better focus on cost containment and core competencies, Proviron outsources its water treatment to Induss. Managing director Wim Michiels explains: “with Induss we have a strategic partner for our water treatment; a partner who handles with a long term vision. Induss tailored solution is more than an ordinary technical story.

Water one care less for Proviron

Water is essential for Proviron, however not its core-business. Purification processes are becoming more and more complex. Producing demineralized water, demands high investments in high-tech installations and technical professionals. Proviron opts to invest in the production side of their businesses, not the utility side. It will eliminate operating and expense risks, ensure safe and compliant operations and improve cash flow.

About Induss

Induss was established in june 2010 as a subsidiary firm of Induss provides a sustainable and economically sound solution for industrial problems with regard to the water balance (water management). Induss, amongst other activities, produces and delivers specialised water to the industry (chemical, petrochemical, textile, bioenergy, food…). Ranging from cooling water, steam and deionized water for the petrochemical industry to hyper-pure water for the food industry. Induss  also pays plenty of attention to the rest of the cycle, including clever re(use) of water and waste water purification. Induss moreover offers its expertise and services for license applications, maintenance of existing plants and other water related matters. Reliability, cost control and sustainability are top priorities.

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About Proviron

Proviron is a chemical company with its headquarters  at the Belgian coast,  manufacturing plants in Hemiksem and Friendly, (USA), and a representation office in Hangzhou. Proviron offers sustainable solutions for polymers, water based paints and glues, feed, braking systems, de-icers, and lots more.

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Journalists who wish further information or would like to have an interview, please contact the CEO of Induss NV Ellen Theeuwes, +32 (0)3 609 01 60 or

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