Inaugural Sustainable Energy and Technology in Asia 2016 to be held in Thailand

The development of the world economy based on energy adequacy and balance, as well as the application of advanced technology and its compatibility, is one of the reasons for the conception of the international symposium and exhibition “Sustainable Energy and Technology in Asia” or “SETA 2016”.

This is the first time that Thailand is to host this event on 23rd-25th March 2016 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC).

Public and private executives, power producers, electrical generating companies, transportation industry, academics, experts, manufacturers of renewable energy, banks, investors and interested parties from all sectors both local and abroad, are invited to join this conference as to commonly design energy policy and planning, electrical technology, energy for transportation and alternative energy including sustainable energy and green technology, with the hope to push and elevate Thailand to be the hub of knowledge and developments in energy and technology in Asia.

Prof. Dr. Tatchai Sumitra, Chairman of the Organising Committee SETA 2016, said, “SETA 2016 is a significant step forward in cooperation and commitment by the major authorities of the country and ASEAN region. The Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as private organizations have contributed to the creation of roles and cooperation, in pushing Thailand to become the true leader in sustainable energy of the region.

“This event aims to create a forum for talks and discussions and to find answers and solutions, from surveying and discovery of sources of energy to the use of electricity in transportation and household industry. The conference will focus on issues that both Asia and the world are paying great attention to. Thailand will put the emphasis on presenting research findings that are critical to the development of energy and technology. The highlights are the guest speakers who are world class experts in various areas, to share knowledge and make connections with audiences throughout the three-day event with the target of 3,000 participants from 15 countries coming to explore opportunities in the energy and technology.”

As an national event developed for international cooperation, the Thai government through the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Science and Technology, play key roles and are great motivators for this project.

Dr. Tawarat Sutabutr, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Energy, said, “We now live in an interconnected world and, hence, both public and private sectors need to integrate ideas, and enhance cooperation for more efficient and sustainable energy. The Ministry of Energy is responsible for planning policies in energy in order to bring about improvements, encourage implementation and stimulate technological developments, and through this event aim to promote international cooperation.”

Similarly, Mr. Alongkorn Laow-ngam, Assistant Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Science & Technology, said, “SETA 2016 can push, as well as promote policies and planning in science and technology, new inventions, researches and innovations in energy and new technologies. It will enable us to optimize the quality and use of energy, be environment friendly, and bring about benefits in terms of production, commerce and stable economic growth.”

Apart from the two major organizations in the field of energy planning and technology, the Ministry of Transport has recognized the importance of energy consumption and technological applications in order to achieve the vision of sustainable transport.

Mr. Somsak Hommaung, Principal Advisor on Water Transport Economics, Ministry of Transport, commented, “SETA 2016 is a platform for discussions in terms of truly sustainable consumption of energy, as the event will showcase innovative technologies and new products. It also creates the opportunity for all sectors to push together both policy and effective operations that are easily accessible, comprehensive, economical and environmentally safe.”

State enterprises and private sectors have responded with great interest in SETA 2016. Mr. Saharath Boonpotipukdee, Deputy Gevernor-Corporate Social Affairs of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), said, “Thailand needs to develop and implement a sustainable energy strategy in accordance with the policy implementation of the government by 2020, with a focus on energy planning and driving investment policy in green technology at an ASEAN level. Consequently, EGAT also provides funding support, guest speakers and topics of discussion at an international level, such as Regional Connectivity and Grids Interconnection.”

Private sectors such as the Nuclear Society of Thailand and its president, Maj. Gen. Dr. Chainarong Cherdchu, said, “This event is part of a challenge to the people of Thailand and the world to realize that security in technology, such as nuclear power, has contributed significantly to the development of national energy. We are confident that the event will enable the exchange of knowledge, experience and research results regarding science and nuclear technology, and further support the production and development of personnel in nuclear science and technology.”

The organizers proudly invite those interested to showcase their potential in sustainable energy and technology, as well as listen to various points of views and useful information exchange from industry experts. Exhibition space is available to become part of this exciting event. The participating agencies and organizations include an APEC Workshop and Energy Research Institute Network (ERIN), as well as many other international organizations. For more details and to sign up visit www.SETA.Asia.

The international symposium and exhibition “Sustainable Energy and Technology in Asia” or “SETA 2016” invites you to open a new world of energy and technology during 23-25 March 2016 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC), Thailand.

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