Hotel Fuerte El Rompido offsets its emissions through ALLCOT

If you cannot reduce your emissions, offset them. That it was Fuerte el Rompido thinks, a four-star hotel in the province of Huelva (Spain), and for that reason it has signed an agreement with Allcot to offset its emissions from 2015. So, Fuerte el Rompido shows its commitment to fighting climate change.

Last year, Fuerte El Rompido generated 995 tCO2e (tonnes of CO2 equivalent). These emissions came largely from the consumption of electricity and propane. The latter is widely used as a fuel source for cooking and getting hot water. Measuring the carbon footprint and offsetting the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are inevitable is part of its sustainability strategy.

Offsetting CO2 emissions is based on the voluntary contribution of an amount of money proportional to the tonnes of CO2 emitted which have not been able to be reduced by other means. Specifically, that money is used to buy carbon credits with each one being equivalent to one tonne of CO2 emitted.

This economic contribution is dedicated to projects in developing countries. Fuerte el Rompido has chosen a project situated in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, which consists in the energy reuse of biogas from a landfill and it is validated and verificated by VCS Standard.

Specifically, the Project consists of a collection, transport and treatment system for landfill gas with production of electricity for self-consumption and incorporation to the national grid. Since the major constituent of landfill gas is methane, which has a global warming potential (GWP) of 21 times CO2, the Project will reduce atmospheric degradation by capturing and burning the methane component of the biogas to generate clean electricity and displace the requirement for electricity generated from fossil fuel sources.

Also, it is important to note that this project not only generates environmental benefits, but also generates wealth in the area, as jobs were created for their development.

According to the director of Fuerte El Rompido, Tomeu Roig, “this initiative has allowed us to completely neutralize our carbon footprint last year and it shows the enormous commitment that Fuerte Hoteles has respect to the environment. In addition to implementing all measures that are in our power to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, we wanted offset the tonnes of CO2 emitted which have not been able to be reduced by other means. For that, we have supported an ecological project with environmental and social value, and we are very proud of it.”

“We are delighted to partner with Hotel Fuerte el Rompido to help them in the development of its sustainability strategy. This agreement demonstrates that more and more hotels want to be carbon neutral and that customers reward those accommodations to care about protecting the environment”, says Alexis Leroy, CEO of Allcot.

About Fuerte el Rompido

Fuerte El Rompido is a four star hotel, located in a wonderful coastal setting, on a hill that dominates the natural park Río Piedras. It is 400 meters from the village of El Rompido, a small fishing village in Huelva (Spain). Besides, it also features aesthetic Andalusian architecture that harmonizes with its surroundings and there are bioclimatic measures integrated into it to make it a sustainable building with multiple options to make the most of their energy efficiency measures.

Hotel Fuerte El Rompido belongs to Fuerte Hoteles. It is a pioneer chain in applying responsible tourism in hotel management, which seeks to reduce the impact on the environment; promote indigenous traditions and customs, especially gastronomy and socio-cultural development; and conduct an ethical and transparent management.


Created in 2009, ALLCOT is a group of companies specializing in end to end sustainability solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. We develop, manage and trade in all sectors related with climate mitigation.

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