Greenshine New Energy launches its most customised solar street lights yet

Greenshine New Energy LLC (Greenshine) is delighted to announce its most customised solar street lights yet. Fifty-six custom-made solar street lights have now been manufactured and will be installed on Prince Abdullah Al Faisal - North Obhur- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the coming months, as part of the city’s plan to go green.

Kevin Laurent, senior engineer from Greenshine said, “These solar street lights are unlike anything we have manufactured before. When we received this project we had to take several factors into account. The climate in Saudi is significantly different to that in the US.

Excessive heat will cause the solar panels and the battery to fail. The region is also significantly dustier than the areas we have traditionally worked in. In addition, these specific lights are situated 1km to 2km away from the sea, meaning they are exposed to erosion from increased humidityand salt in the air. Therefore we had to galvanize them before we painted them.”

He added, “The customer wanted something that stood-out and could be installed throughout the city. They weren’t very keen on the traditional solar panels at the top of the pole. We had to design a system that not only looked good, but also performed as expected. After lots of testing and back and forth communication with the customer, we manufactured solar lights with a large green semi-transparent plate.

The plate holds the solar panels which have a nano coating to prevent dust accumulation, consequently improving the efficiency and ensuring the maximum amount of energy is produced. The lights used are also brighter than our standard lights as they will be placed on streets rather than parking lots.

Our standard lights usually have one straight pole, but this new design combines two different poles on the same base, with two different fixtures mounted at different sides. The customer also wanted a small palm-like fixture extending from one of the poles, as well as the Saudi Arabia flag and two swords in the middle of the pole. It was complicated, but we did it.”

Greenshine is passionate about solar. Going green does not mean compromising style. Greenshine provides green energy that’s also beautiful and customized to the customer’s region and personal taste. The lights are now manufactured, with installation scheduled to take place in the coming months.

About Greenshine New Energy

Greenshine New Energy LLC (Greenshine) specializes in developing and manufacturing, customized solar powered lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications. They are experts in solar powered street lights, parking lot and park lights, for locations with severe weather conditions. Greenshine’s lights can be installed anywhere, including areas where grid tied electricity is not available. Greenshine aims to provide advanced solar powered technology that is affordable, reliable and long term. For further information, please visit Greenshine New Energy’s website at:

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