Greenergy Solutions develops 550 MW solar project in Nepal

 Greenergy Solutions develops 550 MW  solar project in Nepal

Greenergy Solutions Inc. has today announced its expansion thru the development of a 550-megawatt (MW) solar power project in Nepal.

Ruth P. Briones, Chairman and CEO of Greenergy Solutions Inc., said that the solar project has been presented to Nepal energy minister Barshaman Pun. The company’s intention is to develop solar power plants in all of Nepal’s seven states.

Briones said that Greenergy Solutions Inc., through an appropriate business model, will develop and construct a total capacity of 550-MW Photovoltaic power plants.

It was revealed that Greenergy will develop, construct and arrange funds, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), provide operations and maintenance and all other project support necessary to assure that the project is successfully executed.

Initial agreements have been signed between landowners, local government officials and Greenergy to secure the land for sites and support for the project, Briones further disclosed.

It was also reiterated that the Project will be built in ten (10) phases over a period of four (4) years. Phase I will be a 10.0 MW demonstration project that will begin construction after completion of regulatory permits and other government requirements within a period of one year. 

Greenergy is currently conducting pre-development activities for the solar project and will formally submit to the Nepal Investment Board the requirements of the project in order to complete the project development.

The company will also pursue expansion of the initial 550-MW Solar Power capacity within ten (10) years.

Greenergy Solutions Inc. intends to actively participate in the renewable energy policy framework formulation and development in the Government of Nepal. During the development of the solar power project, Greenergy intends to actively assess and review the Renewable Energy program and policies of the Nepal government and intends to contribute to the development of sustainable renewable energy policies and long-term program in Nepal.

Greenergy Solutions Inc. is one of the leading renewable energy project development companies in the ASEAN which has demonstrated leadership in its mission. The company utilises advanced technologies that have enabled significant and continuing reductions in renewable energy costs.

The company is currently developing sustainable renewable energy projects that protect the environment, while also minimising its carbon footprint and energy requirements. Greenergy is interested in serving and developing solar photovoltaic power projects that are committed to making solar electricity part of their long-term electricity infrastructures.

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