GreenBlue transfers COMPASS® to partner Trayak LLC

GreenBlue is pleased to announce that it has transferred COMPASS®, a life cycle analysis (LCA)-based packaging design software, to Trayak LLC, a consulting and software solutions company with a focus on product sustainability.

Trayak has been a trusted partner in the development of COMPASS and the ideal company to build the application’s next generation of functionality and value.

From an initial grant from the U.S. EPA in 2006, GreenBlue developed and launched COMPASS (Comparative Packaging Assessment) as a resource to help packaging development professionals make more informed material selection decisions early in the design process to maximize life cycle benefits.

COMPASS utilizes abbreviated LCA enabling designers to consider the environmental impact of a package’s entire life cycle — from manufacture to end of life. COMPASS generates comparative profiles of packaging design options, based on metrics such as fossil fuel consumption, water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and human and aquatic toxicity. Reporting metrics include both life cycle metrics and packaging attributes.

GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) sponsored much of the development and improvements to the tool from 2006-2015 with many SPC member companies using COMPASS to improve their packaging footprints. COMPASS metrics were developed through a stakeholder process, using the SPC definition of Sustainable Packagingand ISO 14044 to guide the process.

“GreenBlue sees sustainable packaging as one component of a sustainable product system,” said James Ewell, Director of Sustainable Materials at GreenBlue. “COMPASS will now be become an important part of a broader sustainability solution suite from Trayak. Both current and future COMPASS customers will benefit from an end to end solution to optimize the design and manufacture of products along their entire life cycle. Trayak is an ideal partner to take COMPASS to the next generation of functionality and value.”

“COMPASS is a pioneering tool and an excellent example of leadership and standardization from the SPC,” said Prashant Jagtap, President/CEO of Trayak. “Having worked closely with GreenBlue and SPC for the last 4 years, we welcome COMPASS as a solid addition to our portfolio. As Trayak delivers on our vision of making sustainable product and package design more mainstream we will bring together the best solutions under the Trayak umbrella. This allows us to provide tighter integration and a more complete solution that covers the entire lifecycle.”

GreenBlue’s role in the partnership will be to act as an authorized representative of Trayak’s software solutions, continue to educate industry about the value of COMPASS as an LCA-based packaging design tool, and offer COMPASS analyses to companies as part of its consulting services.

About GreenBlue

GreenBlue is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to the sustainable use of materials in society. Our mission is to promote the principles of sustainable materials management — use wisely, eliminate toxicity, and recover more. Through our projects, we achieve our goal by influencing the debate, enhancing supply chain collaboration, and creating action. For more information please visit and follow GreenBlue on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

About Trayak

Trayak is a sustainability consulting and software solutions company. Trayak aims to bring real innovation to product and packaging sustainability. Trayak offers a portfolio of integrated solutions – EcoDesigner, EcoImpact, EcoScore, EcoLabel and COMPASS. Trayaks mission is to make sustainable design easy, mainstream and profitable.

For more information about Compass or Ecoimpact

Prashant B. Jagtap, President & CEO, Trayak
O: +1 513 445 3264
M: +1 513 252 8089

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