Green Koncepts releases RightLux, an innovative lighting energy management solution

Green Koncepts, an innovative cloud energy management solutions company, today unveiled RightLux, an intelligent and powerful Lighting Energy Management Solution designed to help buildings and offices reduce their lighting energy consumption, at BEX Asia 2012. RightLux is a module within Koncepts Energy Management.

RightLux provides building owners and offices with the ability to configure and control lighting through a web browser and provides an option for secure remote lighting management globally over a private network or through private and public clouds. RightLux enables Daylight Energy Harvesting and Intelligent OnDemand Lighting to achieve energy savings of up to 75 per cent.

“With RightLux, existing buildings and offices can now easily be retrofitted with an Intelligent OnDemand Lighting Energy Management System without the need for a disruptive and expensive retrofit. This will reduce implementation costs by up to 50 per cent compared to traditional deployments of lighting control solutions. More importantly, customers are empowered to centrally and remotely manage lighting energy for buildings, car parks, condominiums, HDB blocks and public areas such as parks.” said Kenneth Lee, CEO of Green Koncepts.

RightLux is developed based on Green Koncepts’ innovative “Wired Without Wires” technology which enables control of devices and equipment without the need for any new additional wiring. This technology is expected to reduce business disruption, shorten installation time and reduce implementation costs by up to 50 per cent.

Koncepts Energy Management (KEM) is a real time cloud energy management platform that allows businesses and building management to visualize, quantify and optimize energy consumption. Without any need to install software, setup servers and Local Area Networks (LANs), Green Koncepts’ solution enables organizations, from large MNCs to SMEs and even homes to adopt energy management systems affordably. They simply access Koncepts Energy Management from a web browser anytime, anywhere.

Koncepts Energy Management also supports the Building & Construction Authority’s (BCA) Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) and provides building owners and facilities managers with a real time view of the EEI indicator against their Green Mark certification target. Building owners can also track actual Energy Intensity or W/m2 (EI) performance against design criteria.

Green Koncepts also released four new apps and two new hardware modules that run on the KEM platform.

Energy Budget Tracker

The Energy Budget Tracker is a powerful application that allows users to set a daily energy budget. It then tracks each day’s consumption and compares that to the preset budget and informs users if they have met their budgeted targets. This is achieved through a visual indicator that tracks the number of days where targets are met or exceeded. The Energy Budget Tracker enables organizations to easily set and track Energy KPIs for managers.

Energy Profile App

The Energy Profile App provides energy consumption data by the different loads within a building by location. This provides in-depth energy intelligence that can help building operators fine tune the systems in a building. With powerful InfoGraphics and charts, the Energy Profile App helps to identify areas of over usage and accurately pinpoints the offending equipment. The categories of different equipment types include Lighting, ACMV, Elevators, Power, Machinery, Data Centre and other loads.

Baseline App

The Baseline App allows users to select a baseline day, month or year and compares subsequent energy consumption data with the pre-selected baseline to measure variance and performance achievement. Without the need for manual and time consuming computation of energy savings for project implementations, the Baseline App allows executive management to accurately and quickly quantify and measure the impact of investments in sustainable technology and make informed decisions to roll out solutions on a wider scale. This application is also expected to bring transparency and can be used to enable Performance Contracts.


ReportView is a powerful module that enables automatic reporting capability. End users can design and format reports the way they need them and generate beautiful ad-hoc or scheduled reports and disseminate them via email automatically. ReportView comes with an array of reporting templates and provides users with a powerful way to meet Green Building Reporting Requirements, government legislation or Sustainability Reporting. ReportView includes options for a WYSIWYG Report Designer tool which empowers users to customise and create beautiful energy reports.

Network Communication Module (NCM)

The Network Communication Module enables communication between devices using our “Wired Without Wires” technology. This simplifies the installation process and significantly reduces the effort, time and cost required to retrofit existing buildings and enables old buildings that need to add additional sensors and metering points to do so without business disruption, noise and dust created by cabling works.

Device Control Module (DCM)

The Device Control Module (DCM) enables control of devices such as lighting, motors, pumps, fans, Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) and all other electrical equipment and makes these devices available for control online through a web browser or mobile device. Access to the DCM is provisioned through the Access Control module on KEM and allows centralized and intelligent control of electrical equipment for the optimization of energy usage. The DCM uses the same “Wired Without Wires” technology and is a key component for Smart Grid Demand Management.

Green Koncepts will be showcasing the above solutions and technology in the Singapore Pavillion at BEX Asia 2012. For an interactive hands-on live demo, visit us at Booth N14, The Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Level 1, Hall B & C.

About Green Koncepts

Green Koncepts is a green tech company offering next generation cloud energy management solutions that will transform how energy is used today. Founded in 2008, Green Koncepts provides innovative energy management solutions for enterprises and building owners across various industry sectors.

Our solutions provide real time Energy Intelligence & Control accessible on Web and Mobile platforms. Green Koncepts provides enterprises visibility, in-depth analytics and the capability to manage and optimize their energy usage, enabling them to create energy policies that increase business profits while achieving environmental sustainability goals.

Our Mission is to Make Energy Management Simple.

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