EuCham to host Green Economic Forum 2015

Addressing the challenges of the global economy’s transition from the linear model to the circular economy,​ EuCham ­- European Chamber is hosting the Green Economic Forum on Monday 11 May 2015 in Budapest, Hungary.

Registration is from 5pm, while the main conference from 6pm ­ to 8pm.

Green Economic Forum will gather companies and organizations, improving their efforts towards a circular economy and urging businesses to respond to the sustainability challenges by setting common principles.​O​rganizations and businesses will be able to share their experiences and ideas on environmentally conscious principles and practices, which reinforce innovation and enable a restorative economy.

The last year’s edition of the event, Green Business Forum 2014, enabled the public and private organizations to share their views on sustainable practices, to exchange knowledge and diversify network with over 130 green counterparts from more than 25 countries.

This year the focus will be on the topic of circular economy, discussing the obstacles, as well as the benefits involved in the transition from the linear model. High level representatives of several companies and organizations will actively participate in the forum this year, among them Lego, K&H Bank, European Environment Agency, Global Sustainability Institute, MOL group, and many more.

Attending is free of charge for accepted registrants. The event will be held in English. Link to the event on social media: ​L​inkedIn​ F​acebook​ G​oogle+

Venue:​ K​innarps Center Váci út 92, 1133 Budapest, Hungary

Application for attendees: g​

Information, collaborations, sponsorships:

Ms Alexandra Kuznetsova - or Tel. +36 1 445 1055

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