Going Green Together!

Going Green Together!

Oct 2019 - RPRE has officially commissioned an offgrid solar PV and battery system on a floating fish farm off Pulau Semakau for Barramundi Asia Pte Ltd.

The floating barge used to operate using only noisy and pollutive diesel generators, and would spend over a thousand dollars a month on fossil fuels to power their operations. Now with the new solar PV and battery system, they can listen to the sound of the waves and enjoy the clean ocean sea breeze, while getting 100 per cent free solar energy from the sun. This also achieves UN SDGs #7, #14, and #15.

Special salt mist corrosion proof solar PV panels were used to mitigate against the corrosive ocean conditions, and Narada batteries were used to provide energy during the night, and on rainy and cloudy days.

Barramundi Asia operates the Kuhlbarra brand and is the largest barramundi fish farm in both Australia and Singapore. With over 6000 metric tonnes of biomass, the fish farmer focuses on the full “Farm-to-Fork” value chain.

Emmanuel De Braux is the Farm Manager of Barramundi Asia, and he shares: “Sustainable aquaculture will play a key role in providing food security for future generations. With the help of RPRE, we have reinforced our commitment to being a responsible fish producer by installing a solar energy solution that suited our needs perfectly. The transition phase was very smooth with minimal disruptions to our operations. Thanks RPRE team!”

Thank you Barramundi Asia, for joining forces to champion sustainability and fight against climate change.

For more information, please feel free to visit our website www.RPREasia.com or contact us at sg@RPREasia.com

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