GlacialLight’s new dimmable 35W LED Ceiling Feature Light: The GL-CFD0

GlacialPower, the LED lighting division of GlacialTech Inc., is pleased to announce a new, dimmable 35W ceiling feature light, the GL-CFD06DA-35, with an optional decorative LED color ring, and a choice of surface or suspension mounting. This latest addition to the GlacialLight range of feature lights is available in three color temperatures from 3000K to 5000K.

With its wide variety of style variations and mounting options, the GL-CFD06DA-35 is suitable for an extensive range of commercial and household applications where an attractive, energy-efficient, low-maintenance light source is required.

A dimmable LED ceiling feature light with flair and flexibility

The GL-CFD06DA-35 provides a wide range of options to suit any design environment. For maximum aesthetic impact, this illumination product features two separate LED light sources: a 30W main light, and a 5W sub light ring. Variants offer the 30W main light in three shades. The GL-CFD06DA-35-WW has a 3000K warm white LED, the GL-CFD06DA-35-CW offers a 5000K cool white light source, and the GL-CFD06DA-35-NW provides a 4000K neutral white light. The light’s internal reflector provides a 40 degree beam angle. The product is available with a choice of either surface or suspension mounting.

This lighting unit’s standard 5W sub light is a separate 6000K LED ring surrounding the main LED. The LED ring can shine through an optional red, green, blue, purple, or yellow color filter, to perfectly match your interior color scheme. The color ring illuminates independently. It won’t visually conflict with the main light during operation.

Versatile LED dimming control and great power efficiency

The 3 in 1 dimming control supports three operation modes: 1-10V, 10V PWM, and resistance/potentiometer mode. The standard product’s default dimming control adjusts both the main light and the sub light. If this feature is not required, then the dimming control can be removed and the light used in non-dimming mode. Meanwhile, the lighting unit’s 100-240V input (277V AC driver available for North America) provides a highly efficient power factor of 0.97 at 120V AC and 0.93 at 240V AC. Altogether the system achieves an efficacy of up to 102 lm/W and a luminous flux of 3050 lm for the 5000K main light variant.

Reinforced glass protection for LED

The base of the GL-CFD06DA-35 comprises an aluminum outer ring and a frosted reinforced glass plate. This design can reduce glare and soften the direct light for a more pleasing effect, and it also protects the LEDs and the interior of the light, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.


  • High system efficacy, up to 102 lm/W.
  • 3 in 1 Dimmable (1-10V, PWM, or Resistor).
  • 30W main light with choice of 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K color temperature.
  • 5W sub light strip and optional color ring in red, green, blue, purple or yellow.
  • Installation accessory options: Standard surface mounted, or suspension option.
  • Aluminum outer ring and frosted reinforced glass to prevent direct light being too sharp.

For more information about the GL-CFD06DA-35 visit:

About GlacialLight

GlacialLight, the lighting division of GlacialTech, manufactures LED lighting solutions for indoor/outdoor applications and both residential and commercial uses. As well as having a wide range of finished LED lighting products, GlacialLight also offers its clients the option of customizing products for specific needs. Please visit the company homepage at

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