GGEF Women Eco Game Changer Awards announce winners for 2018 in Beijing

GGEF Women Eco Game Changer Awards announce winners for 2018 in Beijing

Beijing, 24 April 2018 –Asia’s first and the only awards promoting Sustainability & Women Empowerment in business, the GGEF Women Eco Game Changer Awards, initiated by GGEF (Global Green Economic Forum), today announced four winners for 2018, all of different ages, and from diverse cultures and roles.

Zhang XiaoDan, General Manager at the China Environmental United Certification Center, won the Social Eco Game Changer for her years of dedication to environmental labelling. Ni Huan, founder of Shanghai Green Light Year Environmental Service Center, was awarded the Eco Innovator in recognition of promoting renewable energy technologies within the communities.

The Eco Star of Asia went to Armelle Le Bihan, who set up Technisoft, a green building consultancy and engineering firm in Thailand.

To inspire young Chinese women to build a more sustainable living environment, this year GGEF also gave one additional award, the Eco Star of China. Zheng Xiaoting, from Zhejiang Province, is the first recipient of this honor. Her Quzhou Chuangwei PCO has found an environmentally-friendly method of pest control, which achieved huge success at the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy Unit, where they managed to control huge termite populations, using her eco-friendlier approach.

“I sincerely congratulate these four outstanding female entrepreneurs and thank them for sparking changes, and making an impact on the community and environment through innovation and beyond.” the Awards initiator and the founder and CEO of GGEF, Christina Lee, said.

“The prosperity of the global economy has accelerated the consumption of natural resources, and has brought many ecological crises. Therefore, economic development must be coordinated with ecological protection, which is actually assuring the survival of mankind.”

“Aiming to foster future leaders to build sustainable communities and the future, GGEF believes women’s participation is crucial to achieving this goal. We hope the Awards will inspire more female entrepreneurs by showcasing our winners’ wisdom, courage and strength that will eventually accelerate the growth of Asia’s green economy.”

The Awards Night gathered over a hundred KOLs and experts from government, academia, business and culture who are passionate of the subject of sustainability and women empowerment.

Among them including Jessica Cheam, GGEF Youth Ambassador and managing editor of Eco-Business, Juliana Lam, founder & managing director of Julius Industries, and John Meng, the singer for the Disney animated movie “Moana” Chinese soundtrack. As the co-organizer of the Awards Night, Tsinghua x-lab, Tsinghua University’s education platform, designed to foster student creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, announced it would launch the Tsinghua x-lab SHE Center in the next month. GGEF will be the anchor donor of formation to the SHE center.

Following the rate at which Tsinghua University has built a world-class university, Tsinghua x-lab has experienced an extraordinary path of creating a multi-dimensional and creative entrepreneurial ecology. Pearl Mao, Executive Director of Tsinghua x-lab, said, “We are very thankful to GGEF for its support for the Tsinghua x-lab SHE center. Nowadays, more and more women are regarding professional success as one of the ways to achieve self-worth, and are choosing to start their own business.”

“Although, obviously, men are still the dominant players in today’s business world. Tsinghua x-lab, which is mainly run by women, has always been concerned with gender quality and women’s empowerment. Integrating the resources of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua x-lab, Tsinghua x-lab SHE Centre will not only encourage and support women to go for self-discovery and pursue their career and entrepreneurial dreams, but also promote gender equality and create a more equitable social environment for marginalized groups, in order to help the country combat poverty and invigorate the economy.”

Note for Editor:

GGEF (Global Green Economic Forum) was launched in 2013 and registered as a social enterprise in 2015, it is one of the subsidiaries under the GGEC group. GGEC offers a holistic platform to help companies in branding and funding for sustainable development, it also fosters future business leaders through its sponsored student programs.

GGEF is the only business conference organisation operating as a social enterprise in Asia, reinvesting 20 per cent of sponsorship income we raise to support students’ sustainability programme. We have sponsored over 50 students to attend GGEF and three students to join Robert Swan’s 2041 International Antarctic Expedition from Asia.




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