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FuturArc Nov-Dec 2015 Issue and 2016 FuturArc competitions

In the FuturArc interview, Dr Milinda Pathiraja talked about the design vision behind his project, Post-war Collective: Community Library, the Global Silver Award winner in the latest Global Holcim Awards cycle.

The theme for this issue talks about redefining the building as a community object, as something that speaks to its users. Besides the community library in Sri Lanka, the Community Green Station, Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Cam Thanh Community House and Secondary School in Roong Village, Cambodia are three other such projects. They express a collective design vision of a community, for the community and by the community.

Others come together and speak of a communal vision with a meaningful function that transcends its architecture such as the Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne, which reacts to the environment and engages its occupants, and the Lantern Hotel, which takes into consideration its historic surroundings.

As with the previous year-enders, we feature country reports: this time looking at Hong Kong and Malaysia. We take a snapshot review of what has happened in these two countries for the past decade and recent developments with a focus on Green.

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