Fragrance Du Bois brings leading niche luxury fragrances to SE Asia

The world’s leading niche luxury fragrances are now available at Fragrance Du Bois’ boutiques in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and very soon, in Bangkok.

With brands such as House of Sillage, Parfums de Marly, Illuminum, Sue Wong, Isabey, and Xerjoff joining the exclusive range of Fragrance Du Bois fragrances, customers can now experience the latest wave of groundbreaking luxury perfumes under one roof.

“House of Sillage is all about luxurious and sophisticated fragrances, presented in amazing and unique crystal bottles,” said Arielle Chrisman - Brand Ambassador, House of Sillage. “We gathered wisdom from people who have devoted their lives to this particular kind of beauty, collecting rare components from exotic locales, to create a synthesis of artistry and craft, tradition and innovation. Scents can transport you to another place, another time, and this is why we have chosen to partner with Fragrance Du Bois as their fabulous fragrances and boutiques embody everything we stand for as a brand.”

Despite their ‘niche’ status, many of these brands have already achieved significant success globally, reflecting today’s increasingly sophisticated consumers who recognise innovation and quality, and are always on the lookout for originality.

While House of Sillage has risen to become the bestselling luxury fragrance brand in Russia and the Middle East, Xerjoff’s Oud perfumes have become the most popular fragrances at Harrods in the United Kingdom - arguably the world’s most famous department store. Illuminum is one of the top selling fragrance brands at iconic retail outlets Bloomingdale’s and Fortnum and Mason, and was the perfume of choice for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, when she married Prince William in April 2011.

Xerjoff’s Casamorati Vintage Collection pays homage to the ancient art of Italian perfumery

“We are very pleased to showcase our finest and exclusive perfumes alongside those of Fragrance Du Bois,” said Sergio Momo - Xerjoff’s Founder and Creative Director. “I believe Fragrance Du Bois shares important principles and values with Xerjoff in the universe of artistic perfumery. It is extremely important for Xerjoff to be represented by dedicated partners who can introduce and support the philosophy of our brand.”

Fresh from a hugely successful month-long ‘pop-up’ store exercise at Tang’s in Singapore – the country’s premium department store located in the heart of the city’s shopping district – and weeks away from launching the latest gem in its portfolio of perfumes, Fragrance Du Bois is not only making waves regionally, but is also stimulating worldwide interest. The addition of other premium luxury brands augments Du Bois’ expansion strategy and fulfils its mission of bringing only the very best to its customers and clients.

“Since opening our first flagship boutiques in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in July and October last year,” said Nicola Parker - Brand Director of Fragrance Du Bois, “we have seen good growth in our business. Customers are learning about, and beginning to appreciate, the uniqueness and value of luxury niche fragrances. We view the expansion to include exciting niche fragrance brands of the highest quality as part of Fragrance Du Bois’ evolution.”

“We already have a loyal following for our Oud based fragrances that we sell exclusively in our boutiques and lounges,” she continued, “and we can now complement these with a wider range of superbly crafted products, all with their own identities and individual qualities. It’s an exciting prospect for all of us.”

“We’re extremely fortunate to have all our Oud oil supplied by Asia Plantation Capital from its sustainable plantations in the region,” concluded Nicola. “We know that the Oud oil they provide is 100% natural and pure, and that gives us unique advantage in the market. Customers are becoming ever more discerning, and are right to want only natural ingredients of the very highest quality. Fragrance Du Bois and all our partners are perfectly placed to provide this quality and innovation, and we’re delighted to announce that the launch of our latest fragrance, London Oud, is only a few weeks away. It’s tested very well in a limited run, with both men and women, so we’re excited to welcome a new addition to our family of fragrances very soon.”

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