Forest Products Working Group debuts new website

The Forest Products Working Group (FPWG), the leading organization that brings together companies that rely on paper, wood, and other forest products to support thriving forests and a sustainable forest products industry, announces the launch of

The website will feature news and resources related to the three current FPWG initiatives: EPAT (Environmental Paper Assessment Tool), the Value of Forest Certification Industry Leadership Committee, and Paper LifeCycle tool.

“We are excited about the new website because it gives us the opportunity to not only share project deliverables and updates, but it it also gives us a platform to share our findings and insights along the way,” said Forest Products Senior Manager Tom Pollock.

The Forest Products Working Group is a collaboration of thought leaders from across the forest products chain including retailers, publishers, office supply, food and beverage, manufacturers, printers, and more.

“ is an open platform where we can share our findings, analysis, insights, process, and deliverables to the marketplace,” Pollock said. “We hope to drive innovation and sustainable change while addressing shared challenges and opportunities where the FPWG can work together.”

Regular blogs from staff and members about the latest developments in sustainable forest products will also be a key feature of the new site.

About the Forest Products Working Group

The FPWG brings together leading companies to share knowledge and develop innovative solutions that support thriving forests and a sustainable forest products industry. By working together on shared challenges and opportunities, the goal of the FPWG is to support thriving forests and a thriving forest products industry.The Forest Products Working Group works within GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition, an industry group dedicated to packaging sustainability. To learn more about the Forest Products Working Group, contact Tom Pollock at

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