Food grade hemp seed available in Australia

Food-grade hemp seed provides a tasty and nutritious addition to a wide variety of foods. The website at provides a wealth of information about dehulled hemp seeds and oil, recipes, and legal concerns for those in Australia.

“Hemp foods are an ancient superfood that is proven in assisting skin conditions, the immune system and brain development,” said Paul Penhaim, director and founder of Hemp Foods Australia Pty Ltd.

Hemp seeds and oil can easily be used in cooking and baking. The products are high in omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty and amino acids. The seeds can be eaten as a snack, sprinkled on a wide variety of foods and used in homemade breads. The seeds and hemp oil are compatible with vegan diets. Hemp oil is compressed from hemp seeds and can be consumed by itself or used in an array of recipes. Many people take a spoonful each day for its health benefits.

Dehulled hemp seeds contain no THC and there are no drug effects from eating food-quality hemp seeds. They contain a variety of B, C and D vitamins, along with magnesium, potassium and calcium. Food-grade hemp has been grown from ancient times and no known allergies to hemp foods have been noted. provides a unique blend of hemp recipes for all occasions, from hemp milk and pasta, to chutney and cheesecake. Links to sources in Australia where dehulled hemp seed and hemp oil can be purchased are also provided.

Food-grade hemp seeds and oil are available in health food stores throughout many parts of the world. Hemp foods are illegal for consumption in Australia, but the products are available in Europe and many locations in North America. Hemp foods include hemp milk, snack bars, pasta and sauces, along with hemp breads. Manufactured hemp products also include hemp salads and dressings, and toasted and spiced hemp seeds, along with hemp ice cream and chocolates.

For those who believe Australia should legalize the use of food-grade hemp seeds and oil, the site provides a petition that the country’s citizens can sign and submit. Food Standards Australia New Zealand is currently accepting public comment on hemp foods and the site provides links for citizens to voice their opinion. is a comprehensive resource for information on dehulled hemp seeds and oils, recipes and nutritional information. Links to merchants that sell the products are provided, along with the means for citizens to register their thoughts on hemp seed with Australia’s food standards organization. The site provides a valuable one-stop resource for those who want the facts on hemp foods.

For more information on dehulled hemp seeds, hemp oil and nutritious recipes, visit the website at Visit an Australian Hemp Farm soon at

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