First Chinese language software and services supply chain solution for Asian business market

Reset Carbon and CarbonSystems have partnered to deliver the first Chinese language carbon and energy supply-chain solution for the Asian business market.

The new Software Plus Services Solution meets the rising business challenge to measure, report and reduce the direct and indirect impacts of supply chain operations on energy consumption, carbon emissions and the environment.

The market power of environmentally conscious companies like Walmart, Marks and Spencer and Hewlett Packard is driving suppliers to improve their carbon and energy efficiency performance.

However, this low carbon supply chain agenda contains challenges for both buyers and suppliers. How does one best acquire accurate data for monitoring the energy and carbon embedded in products? And how should companies go about making real sustainable reductions in their environmental impacts?

These challenges are particularly demanding for western brands that source products from Asian suppliers due to factors such as linguistic differences, cultural sensitivities, and varied supplier engagement relationships.

The new software and services offering leverages CarbonSystems’ Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP), which provides around-the-clock online access to corporate energy, carbon and environmental data to leading blue chips such as Canon, Balfour Beatty, Deloitte, Fuji Xerox and AkzoNobel.

Now available for the first time in Chinese, ESP is a powerful data capture, tracking and management software platform supporting supply chain collaboration between buyers and suppliers using simple, self-service data collection tools.

“Our partnership with RESET Carbon delivers a unique offering covering data management, consulting, training and project management services that harness local knowledge and language skills,” says CarbonSystems CEO, David Solsky.

“Buyers and suppliers that are doing business in Asia now have a comprehensive solution for all their supply chain measurement and management challenges.”

RESET provides comprehensive supply chain carbon and management services, ranging from development of supplier engagement strategies for brands, to factory-level energy efficiency assessment, reduction planning and implementation of energy saving projects.

“Our differentiator is our breadth of local language, skills and experience in China and South East Asia. We have been supporting suppliers in China, often in partnership with their leading customers, to drive carbon reductions with energy efficiency solutions,” says RESET’s CEO, Liam Salter.

“While ESP offers buyers and suppliers a powerful tool for managing carbon and energy data, RESET’s on-the-ground services help them realize reductions. We are delighted to be partnering with CarbonSystems, which is a recognised world-leading provider of carbon, energy and environmental management software.”

Efforts to improve supply chain accountability and sustainability are driving leading brands to work more closely with their suppliers to reduce the carbon and energy in their supply chains.

For example, Walmart has been collaborating with its top 200 Chinese suppliers to achieve a 20 per cent energy efficiency gain per unit of productivity by the end of 2012. More than a hundred of these top 200 factories have already demonstrated a 20 per cent plus energy efficiency improvement. (Source: Walmart, 2011 Global Responsibility Report)

H&M has piloted an energy efficiency program with more than ten Chinese factories, supporting them to review the scope for efficiency gains, identify saving solutions and develop action plans. Energy reductions of up to 20 per cent at participating factories have been identified in initial reviews. (Source: H&M, Conscious Action: Sustainability Report 2010).

Media contact: Dan Gaffney, CarbonSystems, T 61.2.9209 4300 M 61.411.156.015

About CarbonSystems

CarbonSystems is a global leader in the provision of enterprise sustainability software. Our technology helps companies manage their carbon, energy, environmental and social responsibility performance and operate more efficiently by driving cost savings in their use of energy, fuel, gas, water, waste, and other environmental metrics. CarbonSystems is recognised as a leading provider of carbon, energy and environmental management software by Verdantix, an independent analyst research firm focused on sustainable business strategies and marketing opportunities.

About RESET Carbon

Based in Hong Kong and serving the Greater China as well the South-east Asian markets, RESET Carbon is an innovative carbon and energy management company with an established track record of climate and energy work in Asia Pacific. The company combines the expertise of energy system engineers, certified carbon footprint accountants, CDM & LCA specialists and communications professionals to ensure clients get real value out of carbon and energy reductions. Its supply chain clients include Walmart, VF Group and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and manufacturers such as  TAL, Crystal Group and Leo Paper Group.

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