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According to industry reports, 26 global cities are expected to transform to Smart Cities in 2025. It is also estimated that within the same timeframe, there will be more than 40 to 50 billion connected devices that will transform the way we live and work.

marcus evans Smart Cities conference is set to take place in Grand Hyatt Incheon, South Korea on the 24th to 26th of October 2016. Some of the key presenters include Dave Ong Director, Passenger Services SMRT, Singapore, Chay Pui San Deputy Head Smart Nation Programme Office, Dr. Wan Biyu Chief Scientist, China National Smart City Lab Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), China and Prof. Dr. Toshio Obi Director APE C E-Government Research Center, Japan.

Ed Baker of Broadway Malayan is also one of our esteemed speakers who will be sharing his thoughts on Smart Urban Design and Developments. He will be giving an expert presentation on “What Does It Mean At A Micro Level?” Another key discussion in this stream will be presented by Ke Fang of Investment Operations Department. His topic will be focusing on “Devising a People Centric Approach to Smart Mobility: Emerging International Experiences.”

In an exclusive speaker interview with Ed Baker and Ke Fang, both speakers similarly concur that the wellbeing and welfare of society should be at the heart of actualising the Smart Cities model today.

When asked about some of the factors that influence investment opportunities to further develop Smart concepts, Dr Fang elaborates that it would come down to “strong leadership, Smart government, more active citizen engagement, and an enabling environment or facilitating platforms for innovations (created by the private sector).” From a different perspective, Ed adds to this sentiment by pointing out that there is a learning process for both developers and users.

Ed says “the ease in which these new technologies can be incorporated into the city fabric and the everyday activities of the people who live there will determine their success rate.”

This large scale event will provide a one-stop platform to discover and discuss the latest trends and technologies in smart cities, governance, mobility, urban design and development, as well as, the strategic use of new and high-tech ICT-based solutions to connect the citizens and technologies on a common platform.

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