Enviro Water Management launches in Australia with award-winning water treatment system

Enviro Water Management is officially launching its operations in Australia with the proven and award-winning EnviroTower cooling tower water treatment systems.

Enviro Water Management (EWM) offers several sustainable solutions for building operators with primary focus on delivering significant and measurable savings in water, energy and chemicals.

Offered in North America by EnviroTower Inc., the EnviroTower solution is a comprehensive cooling tower-based water treatment system that has been retrofitted in hundreds of buildings, helping clients to realise large savings of water, energy and chemicals, as well as lowering their operating and maintenance costs.

Mr Stuart Yorkston, Managing Director of EWM says that they are planning to retrofit 5% of Australia’s approximately 30,000 registered cooling towers by 2015.

Mr Yorkston adds that with the current global focus on Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) and the fact that Australia is the driest continent on the planet, EWM is well positioned to be able to establish their place in the market by facilitating an eco-friendly solution for water treatment.

Speaking about the technology, Mr. Yorkston says that based upon the results achieved in North America over the past eight years, the water treatment system is an environment-friendly solution to the numerous issues concerning cooling tower systems.

By retrofitting EWM’s water treatment system to existing cooling towers, building operators can eliminate scaling and bio-fouling issues while deriving various advantages:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Control corrosion rates
  • Extend equipment life
  • Minimise health risks
  • Increase energy-efficiency ratings
  • Reduce carbon footprint With an average return on investment of two years, the EWM system will create substantial savings for its users.

Figures based on the units already installed throughout North America indicate that the EnviroTower solution is saving its clients approximately 20% in water usage, up to 15% in energy and 80% in chemicals used for their cooling systems.

To put this into perspective, the annual water savings for a 20,000m² building could be equivalent to three Olympic-sized swimming pools.

EWM aims to install 1,500 EnviroTower systems within the next five years, helping to save a billion litres of water per year with cost savings of $4m and 50 GWh of energy equating to $8m in addition to preventing large volumes of chemically contaminated wastewater being discharged into the sewer, reducing costs by another $3m and further benefiting the environment.

EWM water treatment systems are suitable for building owners, facilities management companies and industrial clients as well as building operators, contractors and design consultants.

EWM also offers additional services such as cooling tower replacements, chiller replacements, air conditioning maintenance, heat exchangers, fuel cells and full system design.

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