ecoPortal making ground in Europe

The ecoPortal is a leading web-based sustainability management system. It was developed in New Zealand to help our companies overcome the barriers that are typically faced in designing, implementing, and maintaining an effective sustainability strategy.

ecoPortal is adding to it’s list of consulting Advisers around the world - it’s most recent partner is Hungary-based NECS Environmental Consulting Ltd. ecoPortal Advisers are experts in corporate environmental management and sustainability and provide consulting services to their clients through the ecoPortal solution. ecoPortal has a growing network of Advisers in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, USA and the UK. The company is looking to expand its network of consulting partners in the Asia Pacific region.

“We developed ecoPortal to enable our clients to develop and implement effective corporate sustainability strategies. We found ‘traditional’ paper-based environmental management systems were focused on bureaucracy and therefore ineffective in terms of communication and staff engagement for sustainability,” says ecoPortal Director Dr. Manuel Seidel.

ecoPortal clients include organizations in a range of industries - from manufacturing companies and educational institutions to retailers and government organisations. “Most business sectors are starting to feel the need to move down the sustainability path. In general they struggle to gain momentum in their environmental improvement projects and lack the infrastructure for collaboration - that is why we developed ecoPortal,” says Dr. Seidel.

Sustainability and environmental management partners operating in the Asia Pacific region interested in becoming ecoPortal Advisers are encouraged to visit the ecoPortal website .

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