EcoMachines launches free support sessions for hardware startups

EcoMachines are pleased to announce the introduction of a monthly support session for hardware startups.

We’ll be holding office hours for entrepreneurs who are not yet ready to join the accelerator programme, or are uncertain what this entails, but would like help planning their route to investment readiness.

We are open to companies working on problems that fall within our areas of interest, which include power generation, water, waste, industrials, smart cities, materials, transport and energy efficiency.

EcoMachines Open Office Hours, which launches on Friday 19th September, will give entrepreneurs the chance to describe their business idea to the EcoMachines team, and we’ll give feedback on the idea and provide advice on expanding and growing their businesses, as well as how to secure funding in the future.

EcoMachines will also provide ideas on how to demonstrate the value of an unexplored market, give tips on how to improve pitch and presentation materials, and offer advice on other sources of funding.

We will also help businesses complete the EcoMachines Accelerator application.

Ilian Iliev, CEO of EcoMachines explains: “To obtain funding for a business idea a company has to show the investor that they are able to get a return. We have seen a number of businesses that have brilliant concepts or products but aren’t yet at the stage where an investment would be viable.”

He continues: “By giving entrepreneurs advice on growing their business, we hope to give them the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in an investor pitch in the future.”

To apply for a 30 minutes slot at the EcoMachines Open Office Hours, please fill out our form.

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