EcoMachines incubator announces investment in Q-Bot

We are excited to announce our investment in Q-Bot Ltd, a company that has developed a robotics platform that can access, survey, evaluate and apply treatments in a wide range of industries and applications.

The initial problem Q-Bot aims to solve is the difficulty of applying insulation underneath flooring in old houses. The majority of the houses in the UK that date from the 19th century and early 20th century have suspended timber floorboards.

These floorboards are poorly insulated, leading to loss of heat, drafts and discomfort for residents. Current methods are expensive, time-consuming and disruptive, requiring the residents to move out of the property for the duration of the work.

By entering the narrow space between the floorboards and the ground, Q-Bot’s robots can spray insulation in a place that human workers cannot reach. This demonstrates the potential of Q-Bot’s robotics platform to perform tasks that are too expensive, impractical or dangerous for unassisted human labour.

Using the platform, the operator directs the robots to perform a survey of the target area, but the robots make their own assessments about the best way to apply the required treatment to the particular location, whether insulation or another enhancement. Q-Bot is exploring a pipeline of other valuable market applications that can be addressed through its platform in the building and infrastructure industries.

Ilian Iliev, CEO of EcoMachines said, “We are at the early stages of a transformation in the building and infrastructure industries, a game-changing development that will see the use of collaborative semi-autonomous robots to assist us in a range of tasks too dangerous, time-consuming or expensive for humans alone to perform. We have invested in Q-Bot because of the enormous potential of the company to be a leader in this sector. The team has the expertise, dedication and drive to grow a successful company.”

“We are very excited that Q-Bot has joined our Accelerator programme. We will work with Q-Bot to help scale their offering, identify other markets, and prepare the company for growth.”

Mathew Holloway, Managing Director, said “EcoMachines have really helped us with their initial investment and the guidance and expertise they have made available to us. They are ideal partners for Q-Bot who share our vision for the future of robotics in the building industry.”

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