Eco Cortec - Partner in EU Financed Eco Project ‘Marine Clean’

CIP-EIP-Eco-Innovation - 2010  Grant Agreement ECO/10/277396/SI2.601543

We are proud to announce that EcoCortec d.o.o., as one of the most advanced manufacturers of biodegradable packaging in Europe, became a partner in a project Marine Clean – ‘Marine debris removal and preventing further litter entry’, sponsored by CIP Eco-Innovation Programme which is being conducted by European Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, EACI. The goal of CIP Eco Innovation programme is to prevent or reduce hazardous environmental impacts, as well as promote sustainability and innovative technologies. Project encompasses 8 partners from Croatia, Slovenia and Lithuania and is conducted through seven different work packages that are coordinated by Slovenian company Turna.

On December 21, 2011. press conference was held in Zagreb, Croatia, where the project was presented to the media by Croatian project partners: EcoCortec d.o.o. and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb. Boris Miksic, CEO of EcoCortec, gave an overview of company’s achievements in the field of compostable and biodegradable packaging products. Professor Mladen Sercer, Chair of Polymer Processing, presented on a behalf of the Faculty, an outline of the tasks that will be accomplished by his group in this project.

Implementation of 1,1 million Euros worth project, began on November 10, 2011. in Celje, Slovenia where the initial meeting was held. Ecological and innovative component of Marine Clean project is structured in three directions of activities, which will be conducted with the goal of producing marine litter removing equipment, marine biodegradable flexible packaging and smart fishing equipment. EcoCortec is participating in this project as a production partner  for flexible packaging.

Important targeted markets for marine degradable packaging are: cruise lines, hotels and resorts in coastal areas of Europe as well as ecologically sensitive regions along rivers and lakes. Important aspect of the whole project is to influence change of policies within EU, in order to minimize pollution and develop new technological platform for the next generation of environmentally friendly products and practices, that can be implemented in all countries of European Union.

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