Data reveals companies contributed $3.6 billion to communities in 2015

New data shows that 173 global companies collectively invested $3.6 billion (£2.2 billion, €2.7 billion) in community activities and projects around the world in 2014/15 - changing lives for the better.

Community Investment for a Changing World, the LBG Annual Review 2015, contains data and insights into how companies around the world - which are using the LBG framework to effectively measure community investments - are changing lives, building the capacity and profiles of non-profits and making their companies great places to work, all through corporate community contributions and investments.

The positive changes being made globally are revealed in the data, which shows that in 2014/2015:

  • 93 million people directly benefited from the contributions of companies in the LBG network
  • 260,000 non-profit organisations have been supported by the LBG network through one-off donations or long-term partnerships
  • Organisations supported by LBG member companies raised their profiles, improved their services and reached more people
  • 41% of investment beneficiaries achieved positive changes in behaviour, 21% improved their well-being and 13% acquired new skills
  • Most corporate community investment in 2014/2015 has been directed towards two areas: education (35%) and health (22%), combatting two key societal issues
  • 48% of employees of LBG member companies improved their job-related skills through involvement in the community

The LBG Annual Review 2015 also breaks down exactly how much LBG member companies are contributing to the community, through cash, in-kind, time and management costs:

  • Corporate contributions equate to an average of $639/£387/€479 per employee
  • 600,000 employees were actively engaged in volunteering during working time in 2015
  • The average contribution by LBG member companies represents 1.1% of pre-tax profits

Commenting, Jon Lloyd, Head of LBG, said:

“The LBG Annual Review shows that measurement matters. The quantity – the scale of contributions – is impressive. But it’s also about quality – we measure what these investments achieve. By setting clear objectives and measuring progress towards those goals, companies can deliver better programmes and achieve greater impact”.

LBG’s measurement framework is the global standard for measuring the totality of corporate community investment. The framework enables companies to consistently manage, measure and benchmark their contributions, helping them to strategically progress their community programs.

A copy of the LBG Annual Review 2015 can also be downloaded here.

For further information please contact Emma Upton on

About LBG

LBG is a network of companies using the LBG measurement framework to effectively measure corporate community investment. LBG is run by members, for members, and the network’s vision is a world where every business measures its community investment and shares this in a transparent and consistent way. LBG is managed by Corporate Citizenship, a global management consultancy specialising in corporate responsibility and sustainability.

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